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Casino Promotions: When You Make Mistakes

Mohegan Sun walkway from hotel
Written by Joshua

Friend of the site Binbin maintains an awesome New England-focused gaming site called NETimeGambling, and one of his recent pieces was among my favorites because it took a look at the human element of visit a casino, in particular when a point promotion is going on.

The piece examined visiting during a tier credit multiplier was taking place. In this case, it was Mohegan Sun and their Mayhem promotion, where the tier credit multiplier can be between 2x and 5x, and changes throughout the day. It creates a bit of extra effort for the play to monitor where things are at any given point, and you can only earn the multiplier on slots and video poker.

His strategy was to make sure he was at slots or video poker for the 4x and 5x, which is where you can earn the multiplier, and either take a break or slow down pay during a 2x promotion, such as Pai Gow Poker, which tends to have a lot of push hands.

Unfortunately, due to a series of situations, he didn’t get much out of the promotion, and his bankroll was toast well before it was expected to be, which could have implications in other ways, such as his average daily theoretical loss, or ADT. So not only did he miss out on some additional points, he may potentially have hurt his offers in the long run.

Now, one bad casino session doesn’t necessarily destroy your offers, but make enough mistakes, enough times, and you can certainly see your offers change (I’ve learned this first hand in my past as well).

If you’re still getting to know how to make the most of casino promotions, it’s a good cautionary tale by someone who is pretty savvy as a rule. We all make mistakes, but the smart ones learn from them, dust themselves off, and do better next time. I know Binbin will, and his article has great lessons for us all.

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