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How to Find Your Favorite Slots at Casinos

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Written by Joshua

There are a lot of websites nowadays that claim to help you find slots, claiming slot locators or lists submitted by readers. A couple of apps have claimed this too.

Unfortunately, and increasingly, casinos are evolving their casino floors faster to respond to competition and player tastes than ever before, so keeping up with this data proves to be more challenging than most websites can keep up.

That said, there are some sources that you can expect to be reliable. One is the slot manufacturers, when they publish lists of installed games, which some do. Another is casinos and casino groups that keep an updated list of available games at their properties.

In today’s post I’ll share some sources of info that can help you identify the locations of games in your favorite casinos.

Manufacturer Slot Finders

A few manufacturers have slot finders, although they’re generally not complete. Many times they focus on specific hardware or licensed games that they can easily track. But if there’s games within that group that are ones you want to find, you’re in luck! Here’s the slot finders from manufacturers I’ve found:


Aristocrat focuses on certain games, but they have a cool interactive nationwide map that lets you search by area and see the properties closest to you to compare which games each have. Most of the games are licensed, but a few specialty games like Cash Express Gold Class are in there too.

Check out their slot finder here.


Ainsworth, like Aristocrat, has an interactive map with a limited list of some of their games. However, their list as of this writing had only a handful of games available to search. It’ll be seen whether this list grows over time, or if this feature becomes another slot finder that disappears.

Click here to visit their slot finder.


By comparison to the first two, Aruze’s slot finder is pretty comprehensive. You can search by game, by location, see how many Aruze games are at a local property, and so on. The game list is hundreds deep, so you’ll be able to get pretty deep into their library, too.

Check out their slot finder here.

Incredible Technologies

Like Aruze, Incredible Technologies has a solid slot finder with a good depth of game information. However, it treats the search a bit differently, using game logos as a primary form of visualization. When you filter by zip code, it eliminates games that aren’t available in the range you set. It’s a well designed, intelligent way to approach it. If you like IT games, you’ll find the slot finder helpful.

Click here to see their finder.

Gamblit Gaming

I’ve talked about Lucky Words, one of Gamblit Gaming’s skill-based games, here in the past. But they have a number of different games, including newer games such as multiplayer Pac-Man that’s a skill-based game as well. I haven’t tried it but look forward to on my upcoming trip to Las Vegas.

To see where their games are available, click here.

Casino Slot Finder

A couple of the major casino companies have slot finders to make it easier for players to find their favorite games on casinos floors on their properties. Some individual casinos have them as well. While this may not be a complete list, these are the ones we’ve located.

Caesars Slot Finder

While listed as under construction for some time, Caesars‘ Slot Finder remains basic, but functional and up to date. You can search by game type, game name, or casino. In markets like Las Vegas and Atlantic City, you can see which of their properties have games, which can differ widely.

Check out the Caesars slot finder here.

B Connected Slot Search

Similarly, Boyd Gaming has a very robust slot search that’s much more modern and visual than Caesars’. You can search by game, property and more to find your favorite game, and they cover all their markets, not just Las Vegas.

Click here to go to B Connected’s slot search.


Coushatta Casino Resort, based in Louisiana, has a slot finder available on their website. An interesting twist is they have a volatility option for their search, where you can search for low, medium or high volatility slots. You can also search by denomination, game type or slot manufacturer, or search for a specific slot name.

Check out their slot finder here.


On property Borgata has options for locating slots, but on their public-facing website it’s a big ol’ laundry list. That said, it does help you ID which games are available, and it does seem pretty well kept.

Click here to see the list of available slot titles at Borgata.

[UPDATED 8/21/20]: A reader helped me clue in to the location of a more detailed list. If you log in as a cardholder to their Mlife section, towards the bottom of the page is a Slot Finder. You can choose denomination and type of game (Poker, Reel Slots or Video Slots), and it will generate an alphabetical list and a descriptor of where on the floor the games live. It gives enough information to be helpful on where a game lives.

As you can see, some companies have made investments to make sure slots are easily found. Others, not so much. But this information will likely help at least some players trying to find where certain games are.

About the author


My name is Joshua, and I’m a 30-something who works in tech as a marketer by day, and dabbles in casinos periodically during off-times. Know Your Slots will reflect my interests in understanding the various ways you can play slots, games that give you a potential edge, casino promotions and systems and how you can get the most out of it.


    • Thanks Larry! I knew I had seen it in the past, but couldn’t find it when I did the article last year and thought maybe they took it away. I’m revising it accordingly. Appreciate the heads up!

  • I love cash wizard world and just recently played every day until it got removed from the casino. How can I find where else it is in Las Vegas?

    • Hi Lisa! Unfortunately many casinos in Las Vegas do not have a slot finder, so many people rely on feedback from others. I was in Las Vegas earlier this month and saw Cash Wizard World at the Cosmopolitan – there may have been others but the Cosmopolitan is the only one I can recall for sure.

    • Hi Lisa – I’m sorry to say I’m not aware of any, although they may be out there. The Slot Finders that are publicly available are not showing any at those casinos.

      • I am looking for the cherry Red Bull eyes Bonus slot machine. Can you tell me where I can find it?

        • Hi Ryan! The links on this article will take you to the various casino websites that I was able to find slot finders on. Other than those links, and the information inside them, I am unfortunately unable to help in that regard. Someone else mentioned looking for it in Vegas recently, for instance, and I was unable to find it listed on any of them.

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