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Quick Hit Platinum: Classic Mechanic, Extra Progressive

Quick Hit Platinum by Bally top jackpot
Written by Joshua

Regular readers of the site know I love the Quick Hit series of games. Quick Hit Platinum is a classic title making a rebound with its presence popping up on newer machines, bringing it back into casinos.

Quick Hit Platinum has the same basic structure as the mechanical 5-reel versions, with the addition of a new over the top progressive jackpot that is won when you land 5 Quick Hit Platinum symbols.

This makes the game a bit tougher, but the hit frequency remains high, with anywhere from the high 30% to above 50%, depending on the version of the game you play. This means the game trends towards lower volatility, as other Quick Hit games also tend to be.

Quick Hit Platinum by Bally big line hit

This doesn’t mean you can’t get decent wins off a line hit or a bonus – the pays are definitely in there if you can line things up just right. The top paying symbols can drive some decent pays for a $1.50 max bet, as this game is most traditionally found (although the newer version supports a 40 line structure).

The bonus for this game matches the picking bonus of the mechanical 5-reel version, where you pick until you match three of one of various free spin and multiplier options (the top outcome being 20 free spins at 3x, plus 5 bonus spins for the wild selection if you find it).

Quick Hit Platinum by Bally progressives

And the game keeps the 1-2-3-2-1 Quick Hit layout on the reel strips for how you can get the fabled 9 Quick Hit symbols. Of course, you have to max bet to get the full progressive payouts. But with five jackpots starting at the 5 Quick Hit symbol level, like many of these games, you have a relatively easy time winning the smaller jackpots.

Quick Hit Platinum by Bally 6 Quick Hit win

It’s a fun version of the popular series, full of action and relatively regular bonuses. I usually give it a go when I see it in casinos and tend to get good mileage playing it.

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  • If you only play $1.20 bet do the quick hits bonuses still pay. I know it takes $1.50 for platium jackpot to pay…

    • Hey Michael! On Quick Hit games you still need to bet max to be eligible for the Quick Hit progressives, so on Quick Hit Platinum you have to max bet to be eligible for both the Platinum and the Quick Hit progressives. It tends to be worth it given the differential!

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