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Written by Joshua

I continue to enjoy the content being developed by John and Kristina Mehaffey over at US Casino Advantage. They write in a clean, no-nonsense style that players of any level of expertise can understand.

Here’s a couple of great articles recently that can help players better understand how the various casino offerings can be looked at and how to make the most out of your casino play.

Casino Table Games With the Largest House Advantages

It’s generally understood that as a rule, table games have smaller house advantages than games like slots or live keno. But not all table games are created the same. While some games have very small house edges, especially on certain bets, some start out of the gate to be very high house advantages just based on how their structured.

For instance, have you ever wondered why those Big Wheel games are often placed in prominent areas, such as near casino entrances? It’s because they have a very high house advantage, and getting players’ attentions to play them helps the bottom line. With a house edge that can go from 10 to 24 percent, you’re talking an edge that’s going to be higher than many slots on the casino floor.

Other games with high house advantages, like Sic Bo, 000 Roulette and side bets on lower edge games, are also covered. Check out their list of games to avoid.

The Challenges Comparing Casino Players Clubs

Casinos go out of their way to make their players clubs sound awesome and full of value, but they don’t make it easy to actually compare one to another. And with programs increasingly obscuring what it takes to earn tier credits and comp dollars, it can be really hard to know what program rewards you the best.

Even when the details are clear, casinos structure programs in different ways. You can earn points faster but they’re worth less, or redeem differently, and it just all becomes tough to work through. Their article on comparing clubs can give you some things to look for, and hopefully make it a touch easier to figure out how to decide which one delivers the right value for you.

If you haven’t checked out their site, definitely do so – there’s a lot of great information, not only about high level topics, but about some of their travels to different casino markets.

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