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Slot Moments: Random Major Yields Brian Christopher’s Largest Casino Jackpot Ever

Dragon Link by Aristocrat Hold and Spin feature
Written by Joshua

I’ve said to Brian Christopher multiple times in recent years that given how much he’s betting per spin nowadays, I’ve been mildly surprised that his highest handpay jackpot in the casino was only a bit over $20,000.

Sure, he’s won more while conducting group pulls. And sure, he’s won more while playing games online. But his casino high water mark had been stubbornly holding firm for more than a year.

That finally changed earlier this month during one of his live streams, while playing the first game of the night, Dragon Link.

Even today, many players don’t realize on both Lightning Link and Dragon Link that there’s more than one way to win the Major and Grand progressive jackpots. A randomly awarded progressive is a possibility!

Brian sits down at a Dragon Link with a million dollar grand that’s found in a few casinos in high limit, and came down to a point where he put $100 in, attempted a $125 spin, did the wager saver, was awarded a spin, and landed four fireballs. But the bells sounded that normally indicate a handpay.

He had no idea what was going on. As it turns out, it was a random Major progressive jackpot awarded, to the tune of $29,089.74. Against his $100 wager saver successful attempt, that was about 291x his bet. It was his first time winning a random progressive on the game series.

This is why I was saying to him that it was weird that he hadn’t had bigger hits – 1000x is certainly not out of the question (and with the $1,000,000 Grand progressive starting point, even more). But for some reason they had been elusive to him.

Not this night – he finally set a new high water mark, and has a new goal to work against.

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