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Connecticut Casino Slot Payback by Denomination, 2019-2021 Fiscal Years

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Written by Joshua

When I wanted to look up slot paybacks for my home state or others, my first stop would be the American Casino Guide book website, as I could count on the data to be updated annually in lockstep with their annual books.

However, with their recent decision to not publish the book in print any longer, it was inevitable that some changes would be coming. During my recent meet-up with Steve Bourie, the author of the book, he informed me that they do not plan on updating the statistics on their site any longer, but will be instead helping curious players know how to find the information going forward.

While in many cases the websites of the various states house that data, one thing I noticed is in Connecticut, my home state, the state website doesn’t break things down by denomination, but Steve’s website did. Steve was very kind to provide me with a contact in Connecticut who could provide the report, and so going forward I will be able to share that same information here.

To start, I decided to request the last three years of data for both Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun, which I share with you in turn below, and we can talk about what some of this data reveals. This is an update to my previous Connecticut casino payback post.

The fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30; the data covers the years ending June 30 of 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Let’s start with Foxwoods:

1 Cent10.29%9.91%9.91%
2 cent9.14%8.62%8.62%
5 Cent6.08%7.53%9.27%
10 Cent9.89%N/AN/A
25 Cent8.73%8.52%8.66%
50 Cent10.04%10.34%9.23%
1 Dollar7.55%7.19%7.01%
2 Dollars6.51%5.14%5.51%
5 Dollars6.62%6.69%6.33%
10 Dollars3.77%5.53%3.74%
25 Dollars5.95%4.08%3.49%
100 Dollars4.07%1.15%5.86%
Overall Hold8.49%8.12%8.05%
SOURCE: Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection

And here’s Mohegan Sun:

1/4 Cent11.62%13.31%13.67%
1/2 Cent13.86%14.79%13.91%
1 Cent11.36%11.42%11.14%
2 CentN/AN/A13.35%
5 Cent5.37%6.45%7.92%
25 Cent8.55%8.77%8.99%
50 Cent7.20%7.73%8.27%
1 Dollar7.48%7.51%7.06%
2 Dollars4.76%4.51%4.43%
5 Dollars5.27%5.31%5.59%
10 Dollars2.79%2.26%2.59%
25 Dollars4.67%4.14%4.50%
100 Dollars4.66%6.95%5.45%
Overall Hold8.38%8.31%8.10%
SOURCE: Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection

Now let’s compare their 2021 fiscal year data side by side on denominations where they overlap:

DenominationFoxwoodsMohegan Sun
1 Cent10.29%11.36%
5 Cent6.08%5.37%
25 Cent8.73%8.55%
50 Cent10.04%7.20%
1 Dollar7.66%7.48%
2 Dollars6.51%4.76%
5 Dollars6.62%5.27%
10 Dollars3.77%2.79%
25 Dollars5.95%4.67%
100 Dollars4.07%4.66%
Overall Hold8.49%8.38%
SOURCE: Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection

My overall takeaways:

  • They’re still not that far off from each other as a general rule – they seem to trade between denoms over time, and often times that appears to be the variance on higher denoms from year to year.
  • The numbers don’t change all that much between pre-pandemic and post-pandemic, a trend I’ve been seeing elsewhere despite players claiming otherwise on forums and such.
  • When it comes to penny denomination, Foxwoods has had a better overall statistic here for years. Foxwoods has hovered closer to 10 percent house holds while Mohegan Sun’s been around 11.25% – that’s an eighth more and can be significant for heavier penny slot players. If you’re a penny player, Foxwoods may be the better option.
  • I don’t know what’s up with the $10 denomination but Mohegan Sun’s been under a 3 percent house hold on that statistic for the last four years – way too long to be a statistical anomaly, and especially given that the two years before that it was below 4 percent. The absolute best bet in Connecticut casinos, it would seem, is Mohegan Sun’s $10 denomination machines.

One last little statistic that caught my eye separate from payouts – both Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods have considerably less slots in play than they did a year ago. In 2019 Foxwoods had an average of 4,000 slots active; by 2021 that statistic was 2,200. Mohegan went from 4,400 to 2,600 (although in June of 2021 they had 3,000 active).

Both casinos had already been spacing slots out more before the pandemic, but those efforts had accelerated since, along with machine replacements that took longer banks and replaced them with machines in the round, which inevitably means less machines.

Look for an update this summer when the 2022 statistics are released!

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