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8 More Awesome Slot Myths with Everithing Slots!

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Written by Joshua

It was a great pleasure to get to join Mike and LInda at Everithing Slots! once again to tackle another round of myths as part of their videos on the channel.

Last time, we had the Super Seven Slot Myths, so this time we had to up the ante with the Awesome Eight Slot Myths, which again drew from the very deep well of posts found here on the site from over the years.

This time, we covered the following topics:

What’s great about working with the Everithing Slots team as, given they’re part of Everi, they know a thing or two about slots too – so you don’t just have to take my word for it. They often times have their own anecdotes and stories that help back up what I’m saying.

Slot manufacturers bend over backwards, between regulations, third-party lab testing, and more that ensure that the games they are developing work and play as they need to to ensure that they payback what they say they will. Players many times will try to affix nefarious scenarios onto them because they presume they’re just trying to take every dime they can.

The reality is slots have such a good payback percentage for casinos they don’t need to do any of that to make oodles of money for casinos. But ultimately slot makers make their money when games are successful, because the games are on more casino floors and in higher numbers. So a game needs to be fun, and do well over time, and it won’t if players hate them for whatever reasons, and this includes if it feels unfair.

So it’s fun to bust myths because we’re all on the same team – players want good games, and slot makers want to give us good games. It’s always fun to work with Mike and LInda and I look forward to more with them in the future!

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  • This is the only place I know where to ask this and get a response that I will believe – are the bubble craps machines considered slots or are they just automated craps machines? I can’t find an answer anywhere

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