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Understanding Free Play and Maximizing Your Offers

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Written by Joshua

My regular collaborations with Matt and Steve Bourie, also known as The Jackpot Gents and also of the American Casino Guide Book, tend to cover a lot of ground.

This month, we decided to broach the topic of free play. If you’re more of a reader (and, given you’re visiting my site, you could very well be), I also did a write-up on free play for the American Casino Guide Book website.

For the videos, we covered similar ground, and it was broken into two parts.

Part one was posted on The Jackpot Gents. We spoke about what free play is, and the various types of free play that can be available. These include:

  • Your casino mailers
  • Bounceback offers
  • Converting your comps to free play
  • A separate earned comps bucket just for free play

Casinos give you a lot of ways to earn free play, and they vary by property, but if you’re paying attention, there’s a number of ways to earn it.

Then, on their American Casino Guide Book channel, we start by covering the best ways to use free play. I’ve written about this here in the past as well, but I recommend treating it like any other part of your bankroll and playing games that have a high likelihood of converting it to more cash.

We also go over how to keep your free play offers coming, and other considerations about free play. We also talk about whether you can truly win big on free play (spoiler: you can!).

I hope you enjoy this latest pair of videos with The Jackpot Gents. If you’re a fan of video poker, they do great video poker content on The Jackpot Gents channel; if you like educational content, you’ll find great material at the American Casino Guide Book channel.

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