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Blackjack Table Rules to Avoid, Courtesy of US Casino Advantage

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Written by Joshua

I periodically check in with John and Kristina Mehaffey’s set of asides, led by US Casino Advantage, to check out their content. Whereas I tend to focus a lot of my energy on slots, they do a great job covering a variety of content around table games and video poker.

One recent article which caught my eye is a nice mirror of what we do here around slots, but on Blackjack, suggesting what rules to avoid when looking at various Blackjack tables and their rules.

Many casual players of Blackjack know that 3:2 payouts on Blackjack are by far a better option than 6:5 or (even worse) even money. But some may not be as familiar with some of the other nuances of the rules. Is a dealer hitting on Soft 17 good or bad? Is being able to double down after split helpful? Are mandatory antes or side bets really that bad for overall player payback?

This articles gets into all the various topics, covers how a specific rule can impact overall Blackjack payback, and can help players who play Blackjack regularly find the tables with the best overall payback.

Of course, it also helps if you have a guide, especially in a market like Las Vegas, that advises you where the best table game options can be found. There, sister site Vegas Advantage can help you, as last month the Mehaffeys released their 2022 Blackjack and Table Game Survey of Las Vegas.

This very affordable guide covers casino conditions at 76 locations, and will help you find the best table game offerings, which should more than pay for itself if you’re a regular table games player. Plus, you get to support independent authors recoup the costs of their efforts to survey all these properties.

The guide not only covers the strip and downtown, but also locals and off-strip casinos. It’s well worth it for any regular Vegas table game player, and even those who only play occasionally but want the best rules they can find where they are.

Check out their survey here, and be sure to order your copy!

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