Edgewater Casino Resort in Laughlin: Great Value Spot

Edgewater Casino Hotel in Laughlin exterior
Written by Joshua

I’ve now been to Laughlin a few times, and each time so far I’ve visited Edgewater Casino Resort. I haven’t spent a ton of time at the property overall, but based on the time I’ve spent there it definitely feels like a value property in structure, given the nicer Aquarius next door balances things out.

So here’s some thoughts based on my visits, which included most recently early October of 2022. This includes my first-ever room booking while on my most recent visit.

The Casino Floor

As far as slots are concerned, the overall casino floor weighs towards older machines. Some are incredibly old, and are of a vintage I can’t recall seeing in ages. I definitely played some IGT and Aristocrat games there that looked like they’d been there forever, and had some crazy good luck on them too.

If you’re looking to play classic games, Edgewater is certainly a place to check out while in Laughlin. Penny games ruled the day, not unexpected given the location.

Their main room, closer to the table games and cashier, was more balanced for sure, and between visits saw continual updates. So there are some newer games around as well, for those who like to have some of them in the mix.

Table minimums were on the low end during my latest visit, despite the pandemic changes. I was able to play Craps at a $5 minimum on a weeknight, which was refreshing given the consistent increases in most markets. Other table games had very accessible minimums as well, although weekends were a bit higher (not surprising given how busy it was). But if you’re looking for a value, this may be a good place to check out.

I didn’t play Video Poker here, but they had some OK pay tables in the mix, including 9/5 Jacks or Better at quarters.

Hotel Rooms

Edgewater Laughlin king bedroom

Given the more budget appeal of this property, the rooms certainly work for what it is (especially at the price they usually are offered), although the room reviews for the property are all over the place.

The room I received in the Sedona Tower, pictured above, was one of their more modern king bedrooms, and seemed fine overall, except the fact that one of the lamps didn’t work. The room was comfortable, although I was placed next to an elevator so there was some noise related to that. Also, the elevators themselves seemed a bit rough, so I was actually sort of happy the room didn’t follow suit.

With relatively minimal play I’ve been continuing to receive room offers for two comped nights any night, so definitely don’t expect five star accommodations and you’ll be fine.

Players Club Program

Like the previously reviewed Rocky Gap in Maryland, this property is part of the True Rewards program. Unlike Rocky Gap, which has watered down rules, Edgewater is in Nevada so it gets the better program values.

For instance, you can redeem free play at 500 points/$1 (it’s twice that in Maryland). You earn 12 points per dollar spent at restaurants at Edgewater; it’s 1 point per dollar at Rocky Gap.

But more importantly for those who are regular True Rewards players, you get access to regular point multipliers at their Laughlin casinos, and those multipliers tend to escalate as your status does. The multipliers are valid at table games, slots, video keno and (at a lower rate) video poker. And unlike in Maryland, there doesn’t seem to be tier credit restrictions on all of the multipliers.

So that can be a really good way to build some points up quickly, and redeem them at a more attractive rate.

Other Observations

Edgewater has a Dunkin’ Donuts; as an east coaster that’s always nice to see available, especially if you’re not the most fond of Starbucks. They’ve got other value options such as Denny’s, PT’s Express and Capriotti’s Sandwich shop, along with the more upscale (and perhaps required at a casino) Steakhouse.

A few bars are on property, including the O’Aces Bar which features some extra video poker, and there’s a lounge that offers live music on weekends.

Edgewater had a buffet pre-pandemic that I ate at on my first Laughlin visit, and thought was solid; it was closed upon subsequent visits.

Edgewater is built against the river, and is accessible by water taxi as well, which can get you to other casinos along the waterfront, including Harrah’s.

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