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Gold Inferno: 9 Line, 3 Reel AGS Game Feels Familiar

Gold Inferno by AGS logo and progressives
Written by Joshua

There was a time not all that long ago when Everi had a virtual lock on the top 3-reel games on the casino floor. Other game makers have taken notice, however, as multiple companies have looked at the Everi model and put together their own variations on it to try to crack into that market.

What’s in common? Multipliers, wild symbols, and progressives based on which wild symbols line up. You can see the Super Jackpot structure basically at work in many of these games, albeit with their own little adjustments.

While AGS doesn’t have a mechanical cabinet to call its own (neither does Ainsworth, but they’ve released games like Grand Legacy and high denomination Quick Spin as video reels to get around it), they have similarly launched a series of 3-reel games on video reel cabinets.

Gold Inferno by AGS line hit

One of their key differentiators is a multi-denomination format. You can bet on anywhere from quarter denomination to $5 denomination. The progressives, interestingly, remain the same. You can see they’re much higher than the Everi quarter denomination games start with, so understandably they will be harder to hit at quarter denomination vs. $5 denomination.

Another unique difference is that all the prizes work out in clean dollar increments even at quarter denomination. The prizes can be multiplied by the wilds, which have 2x or 3x on them.

Otherwise you have your traditional mixed bars, mixed 7s and wilds. There’s no free spins or bonuses, so all the money is on the base game payouts.

As noted in my AGS G2E round-up, there are a couple of other variations on this theme, with the multipliers handled in different ways, yielding different volatility models.

As you can see by my line hit above, you can get some good pays at a level that would require three wilds on a standard Everi quarter nine-line, so there’s some definite potential in there, and a bit of a change-up for those who like those style games but want to try something new.

Gold Inferno Slot Videos

Brian Christopher played it in this live stream starting at 18:28:

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