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Caesars Rewards Diamond Tier Match: An Overview

Caesars Rewards Diamond card
Written by Joshua

For the last few years, Caesars Rewards (formerly Total Rewards) has offered a national tier match promotion for those with higher tier level cards at casinos in direct competition with at least one Caesars-owned property. The goal is to entice players with status at other companies to jump over and start bringing that play to Caesars.

While as noted here previously, a player’s tier in and of itself doesn’t provide the bulk of the perks (that goes to the honor of those comps earned from your actual gambling play), the major chains, such as Caesars, have taken a number of steps to make sure that the tier has some value above/beyond a gambling threshold.

Perks Earned at the Diamond Tier

Here are some of the key perks earned once you achieve the Diamond level at Caesars, either through play or the tier match:

  • Resort fees waived: From a cost savings this is one of the most beneficial. Resort fees at most Caesars properties are more than $30 per night, so if you go enough nights per year, that can be a massive savings.
  • $100 Celebration dinner: The celebration dinner can be redeemed at a variety of restaurants that Caesars manages, or can be used for the Buffet of Buffets offer that allows unlimited access for 24 hours to a specific set of buffets within Las Vegas.
  • Gift shop discount: 20% off – not bad! – when you pay with cash or credit.
  • Diamond lounge access (for 1000 Reward Credits unless you earn 25,000 tier credits): The Diamond Lounge is for Diamond and Seven Stars tier players only and includes a bar and some basic food items. Most Caesars properties has some form of lounge. The 1000 RC rule was added in 2018, so if you’re tier matching and wish to use the lounge, make sure you have some credits saved up.
  • Cut the Line Access at Hotel Desks, Caesars Rewards Booths, Buffets, Cashiers, etc.: Not a trivial perk in busier hotels – it’s a great benefit to have!
  • Show Tickets in Las Vegas: Not advertised on the main benefit list, but a key perk if you go to Vegas, you’re allowed two show tickets per month as a perk of being a Diamond level member of Caesars Rewards. The list is ever-changing, but generally available here.
  • Complimentary Stay at Atlantis in the Bahamas: For those who like to travel, this can be a great perk, although in this case Resort Fees will exist so there is still some cost aside from the travel to/from.
  • Wyndham Rewards tier match: In a future post we’ll talk about tier match chaining, where you can take one status earned and round-robin it to other opportunities and keep the good times rolling for awhile. But a direct benefit of tier matching to Caesars is being able to then tier match to Wyndham.

There’s a whole chart of benefits for the various Caesars Rewards levels, which can be reviewed here.

Who Can Tier Match

Since it’s a tier match, you must have earned a certain level of status elsewhere. Also important is you must have it at a property that Caesars is willing to match. The most obvious option is tier matching an mLife Gold, Platinum or Noir level.

But there are a lot of other casinos that are part of the match, from various parts of the country. To check out the complete list of casinos that qualify, click here to see the tier match information.

While your gambling patterns are certain to provide a lot of perks, if you can tier match, there’s definitely a lot of great extras to be had!

What’s your favorite Caesars Rewards perk? Share in the comments below!

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