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Caesars Tier Match 2022: Steady As She Goes

Caesars Rewards Diamond card
Written by Joshua

As MGM and its MGM Rewards program settles in to offering an ongoing tier match opportunity, Caesars appears to have settled into its current format too, as the 2022 edition does not appear to have changed from what was in place for 2021. Refreshing for Caesars, the tier matching page and its rules are already up as of February 1, and able to be reviewed, on its website.

For those new to the tier matching program and how it works, Caesars allows new Caesars Rewards members to tier match if they have a card from a participating casino. The list covers many, but not all, competitors near their various properties and their higher level cards.

When you tier match, you receive Caesars Rewards Diamond level, which offers such perks as 20% discounts in gift shops and waived resort fees, helpful perks in cutting down costs while staying at Caesars properties.

Depending on what time of year you tier match, the amount of tier credits you need to earn to renew Diamond for the following year reduces proportionally. So if you tier match in July, for instance, you only need to earn 7,500 tier credits, half of what is required if you had the normal full year. So they do try to be fair about how to maintain your status from there. Paired with the bonus tier credits you earn for daily play, it can be quite achievable.

The new member only rule was implemented in 2020, and the list was expanded with Eldorado properties by 2021, and things have stayed pretty much stable since.

For those who are existing Caesars Rewards members, the Wyndham loophole still works – if you have previously tier matched to Wyndham, you can tier match back to Caesars Rewards. For 2022, Wyndham extended 2021 tiers so you didn’t have to tier match them in January to maintain Wyndham Diamond, so all that’s needed is to tier match back to Caesars Rewards.

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