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Carnival Cruise Line Casino Offers and How They Stack Up

Carnival Magic and Spirit in port
Written by Joshua

I am on my second Carnival cruise as I post this to the site. During my first cruise I noted that a host was not able to offer anything definitive about how offers work, but that I should expect them to be more aggressive than Royal Caribbean.

As it happens, because I won my first grand jackpot on that cruise, i ended up playing harder. But I did not expect the offers that came out of that cruise that I got.

At first, I was getting generous offers for Australia cruises. This makes sense because they are still getting back up to full steam ahead there after a more lengthy shutdown than here. But the flights and time off and such just make that impractical for me.

Then came the US offers. I have four offers that include drinks everywhere on the ship, $500-$1000 in free play and rooms that include balcony and suite options. My best ever Royal offers were $175 in free play.

Along with these offers I also began getting offers for their Elite cruises, a separate batch of offers that include other types of gifts and such in lieu of free play in my case, but looks to have a decent value as well.

Still to be seen is what happens when my second cruise play is factored in – then it’ll be more clear whether it was a teaser offer or something that will be maintained from here.

If you are weighing options as a player this in my mind would be one to look at. Of course there are other factors such as the itinerary, the ship and whether this is just the type of cruise line that works for you. But from a casino perspective, from the mix of games to the player treatment, this to me checks a good number of boxes.

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