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Mlife Vegas Offers: Knowing if Resort Fees are Waived

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Written by Joshua

When it comes to the bigger casino companies and their policies in Las Vegas, each differs when it comes to resort fees, when they’re charged or waived, and what happens when they are waived. One of the easier ones to understand is Caesars; if you are a Diamond level player or above, your resort fees are waived – simple as that.

With Mlife, it’s not so simple. Many players get offers with complimentary nights but are still charged a resort fee. Their legal language is intentionally broad, with all offers saying a fee “may be charged,” which to many could make it seem impossible to know what offers give what. There are a couple of indicators that can help you determine when a resort fee will be charged.

Totals When Booking an Offer

When you go to book an offer, you’ll be able to confirm everything beforehand, and that confirmation screen is quite informative when it comes to whether you’ll face a resort fee. It will clearly state what will be due at check in. If you see a number, you’re going to be billed.

mLife reservation no resort fees

On the other hand, if you see $0s down the board, you’re going to see no resort fees upon check-in, so congratulations! You’ve just booked yourself a totally free reservation. After confirmation, if you check in the mLife reservations under your account, the same will display under “Payment Details.”

Check the Booking Code

Want a shortcut in knowing which offers have resort fees and which don’t? The offer code, when displayed, tell the story.

Some Mlife offers display a booking code. The whole code isn’t really what matters; it’s the two letters in the front that tell you everything. When you see GA at the start of an offer code, you’ve found yourself a resort fee-free offer, and you’ve just saved yourself a little bit extra! Other prefixes like GC or GE will indicate a resort fee must be paid on those otherwise complimentary rooms.

In some cases Mlife unhelpfully obfuscates the code or doesn’t display it at all. So you can fall back at that point to working your way through with the offer to see what it provides you when you attempt to book. UPDATE 6/22/19: It appears Mlife is beginning to restructure its offer setup, and with it the retiring of the GA/GC/GE codes in at least some cases. Testing the offer via the totals screen remains the best way to check for resort fees. We’ll have an updated post soon to talk about the changes.

Do you have other tricks to avoid paying resort fees? Share them in the comments below!

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