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MGM Tier Match Changing for the First Half of 2023

Written by Joshua

Ever since the end of the year passed, I saw a lot of inquiries about what’s happening with MGM Rewards and their long-running national tier match.

The good news is that the tier match will be back for now. The bad news is it’s not as generous as before.

In the previous tier match scenarios, both the national and the regional tier matches, you would get matched through the end of the tier year, which was up to 15 months depending on when you did it.

Right now, anyone who was tier matched last year, and who still gets tier matched today, is matched only through January 31, 2023. Anyone can then tier match starting February 1 as long as they have a higher tier card from a broad array of properties, but that tier match will only last through June 30, 2023. After that, you have to earn it outright to maintain that status.

This indicates there may be further restrictions after June 30, if the program isn’t going way outright. But for those players who have been leveraging a top tier card to stay matched at MGM, it appears this is no longer you can do continuously, at least the way the rules have been written.

Caesars did away with it after a certain point to avoid people maintaining a status semi-permanently without putting in the play that would normally afford these options. I thought MGM might be more lenient about it since they don’t give the hard dollar perks like celebration dinners without earning a tier outright, but it seems even the status matching will have a limit.

So, if you matched last year and did not earn the tier, you can keep the status an extra few months by matching it, but at this point you’ll then need to finally earn Gold or Platinum outright to maintain those benefits after that. By doing so, you’ll also unlocked the earned benefits, but you’ll have to do all that play as well.

This information was confirmed on MGM’s Tier Match page.

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