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Slot Moments: Jackpot Handpays on a $1 Wager

Gold Stacks 88 Turtle Kingdom by Aristocrat major jackpot handpay
Written by Joshua

Building upon last week’s grand on minimum bet post, I wanted to turn my attention to jackpot handpays, and show examples of wins that were accomplished on small bets.

The reason I focus on this is to help players see what it will take. Because a jackpot handpay is an arbitrary number (generally $1,200 or above), getting one as a multiple of your win shifts with bet size.

If you’re betting $5 a spin, it’s 240x your bet. If you’re betting $10 a spin, it’s 120x your bet. By comparison, $1 a spin and it’s a challenging 1200x your bet.

I’ve had three solo handpays now and one with a friend. I had them at $1.76, $2.25, $3 and $5 a spin. I’ve also had 1000x wins, but to my recollection I’ve never had a 1200x win. I know other players who bet low and never have had a handpay. It’s tough, but it can happen.

So let’s look at a couple and see how it went down.

CT Slotters managed it by landing a progressive, in this case the Major on Lock it Link Loteria, for over $3,000. Progressives will certainly be one way a handpay is achieved at lower bet levels. My $1.76 handpay was also a progressive, albeit a smaller one, but effectively worked out similarly.

In this example, Slot Tubby won on Wild Wild Samurai by getting a x3 x3 set of wilds during the free spins, and got a 10000 credit space on a 50 credit 2 cent machine (so that 10000 credit was $200×9 for $1,800, on a single dollar bet.

Here’s another progressive yielding a handpay at a $1 bet, this time on Ultimate Fire Link. And the machine didn’t play around – the Major landed on the initial trigger.

For Big Slotter, it wasn’t the free games on Cleopatra II, but the 5 symbol trigger on a 20 nickel ($1) bet that yielded the handpay, as the bonus only yielded 232 nickels but the scatter yielded 52000 nickels, to put it well into handpay territory.

So as you can see it can happen in a variety of ways on a variety of different game types, but it certainly requires specific scenarios to come out, and those scenarios certainly will be the exception. But for those who wonder if it’s even possible, it certainly is, on the right game and under the right conditions!

The Slot Moments series selects videos that can show the real potential of a slot machine game. Do you have a moment that stands out for you? Share in the comments and it may be featured in a future edition!

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