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Slot Moments: When Wifey’s Away, Travel Ruby’s Husband Will Play… and Win Big!

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Written by Joshua

Sometimes, you just gotta hit the casino. And Mr. Ruby, Travel Ruby‘s husband, did just that in the video below. The slot play took place at Rampart Casino, which I’ve checked out in the past and enjoyed.

The video didn’t yield any astronomical wins, but like some other examples in the Slot Moments series, this just shows some winning across a string of machines, a fun outcome for players who have this happen! (Whether this was just the highlights or an edited set of videos, it’s not certain, but the wins are solid enough to recommend!)

The video started off on Gold Hills with $100 in, and the game was in its Gold Run frenzy mode for players who sat down and began playing. He got a couple of quick nuggets, then got a plunger that yielded both a Mini and a Minor for over $400! He finished the frenzy mode, played it down to $450, and moved on.

His next stop was Eureka Treasure Train, a sequel to the Eureka Reel Blast game that I won my Grand jackpot on, which continued his ticket where he left off. On his second spin, he landed the hold and spin bonus with a reel expansion feature to yield seven reels vs. the normal five, one of the enhancements this game adds.

He ultimately filled enough to get a 2×5 space that was Major eligible on a $6 bet at $1 denomination. While he didn’t get the Major, he did manage a respectable $210 bonus with 36 carts.

Next up is Magnificent Fortunes with a fresh $100 bill, and gets the bonus in a couple of spins once again! (Meanwhile, in the background, a familiar voice is there… who is it?)

With Magnificent Fortunes, not only is it important to collect cash on reels symbols above, but pots down below, as collecting the big pot down below collects all prizes, unlocks a row and adds two free spins. I saw this game at IGT’s booth at G2E and it was definitely one of their more interesting spins on the hold and spin concept.

He managed to collect the pot five times, growing the reels to the top, and then it collects it all again at the end. On a $2.64 bet he won more than $800!

And who was that familiar voice? Turns out it was VegasLowRoller, who was filming on the same bank at the time!

His final bonus took more than $100 to get, but with a Mini on the board and a $4.80 bet on dimes, he managed another $500 win.

This was a fun video that let Mr. Ruby have a moment to steal the show, but rest assured Ruby continues to be in the bulk of the Ruby Slots videos.

The Slot Moments series selects videos that can show the real potential of a slot machine game. Do you have a moment that stands out for you? Share in the comments and it may be featured in a future edition!

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