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5000 Tier Credit Free Night with Caesars: My Thoughts

Caesars Rewards Diamond card
Written by Joshua

For 2019, a new perk was added to the Caesars Rewards program which made rooms more accessible. Every time you earn 5,000 tier credits, you receive a comp night in either Atlantic City or Las Vegas. The perk caps at seven nights a year and is eligible to those Platinum or above (which makes sense, as you need to earn 5,000 tier credits, which is Platinum level).

For some, the question was how this could be of benefit to players who are Platinum and above, when their offers would likely get them access to free rooms. The answer is pretty simple: Free room offers, like anything, are placed on a player’s Average Daily Theoretical.

A player could grind tier credits at a local property and not qualify for any major offers because they go with small budgets often enough. For other players, they may qualify for free rooms, but not on peak nights, such as a Saturday.

In Atlantic City, when it comes to Caesars properties, the latter applies to me. So I was curious to see if I could make this work for me. I had been told by a few others that they weren’t able to combine the night with other offers. So I figured I’d see how to make it work.

Online: A No-Go For Me

I first tried to use the offer online, booking the way I would any other offer. On the surface it appears to let you do it, giving you the calendar listing and showing the offer. In theory I could only book one night this way since the offer is for a single night. But no matter what my selection, it ultimately told me it wasn’t applicable or available.

I suspect for this offer calling is the only “approved” way to use it, although experiences may vary, and if you were able to book it online I’d love to hear how it went.

Phone: VIP Department Needed

I called 1-800-CAESARS, which is the number they list, and asked for Bally’s Atlantic City, which is what the offer says to call, and when I got to the regular hotel representative and told them what I wanted to do, they said I needed to talk to their VIP department.

I was routed over, and then when I told them the offer I wanted to use, I asked if I could use my other comps to stay more than one night. They asked me what I wanted to book, and they were able to use my existing comps, which covered every other night of the week, and then successfully added the Saturday, to ultimately give me a Thursday-Saturday night booking.

So this proves it at least can be done – if you have other comps and wish to use this in concurrence, they should be able to help you, as long as it doesn’t otherwise violate their other comp room rules (like total length, the 72 hours between stays in the same market, etc.).

It also shows those who may not have 7-day-a-week comp room availability can also break through – my calendar was showing a nearly $100 cost at my play level for a room the Saturday I wanted, and a nearly $300 without any offers, so having that extra benefit paid off well.

This latest benefit I’m using ultimately provides another $100 in financial savings I had for my tier level and play with Caesars. Combined with other perks, like waived resort fees, I have this year as a Caesars Diamond level, it works out well. And of course it goes right into my gambling budget without any additional spend!

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  • Yes on calling to get help. The website to book your hotel doesn’t give you the rate it shows on the calendar. It is higher or won’t let you book. Horseshoe Bossier city Louisiana has cut there comps under new management. Unless you play big hard to get a room or food even during the week. Sad really

    • Hey Bill! That’s weird that what the calendar is showing you can’t be booked, but if they can help you over the phone at least that’s something. The 5000 tier credit room bookings are a very specific perk as part of the Caesars Rewards program specifically for Las Vegas and Atlantic City, so they are not standard comps from that perspective, but have their own challenges to being booked, and their own benefits when being used right. Hopefully the issues with offers gets better once things calm down post merger.

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