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B Connected Rebrands Itself as Boyd Rewards

New Boyd Rewards cards
Written by Joshua

The casino loyalty program renaming process has continued! Following in the footsteps of Total Rewards rebranding as Caesars Rewards, and Mlife Rewards becoming MGM Rewards, Boyd has now taken the same steps with their loyalty program, and have decided to rename their B Connected program Boyd Rewards.

Aside from that particular change, Boyd players will be relieved to know they didn’t make any other changes at this time. B Connected had gone through a pretty hefty restructure awhile back, one which was a heavy devaluation for many players, taking away comp dollar earnings from the base level tier and making video poker a harder slog to earn points, among other changes.

It’s not the strongest comp program, but as it’s a national program with casinos in Las Vegas, including multiple options in the downtown Las Vegas Fremont Street area, so it certainly can offer some value for players near regional locations and wanting to leverage their comps and status in Vegas as well.

Overall, as of this transformation they have 26 casinos in 10 states, so they definitely have some reach in certain parts of the US. They have some off strip casinos as well, such as the Orleans and Gold Coast, for those who wish to be a bit closer to the strip than downtown.

Other offerings, like the Stardust Social Casino, where purchases can also count towards your tier and earn points if you’re at the right status level, continue to be offered, so really this particular round is just a name change.

If you have your old B Connected card, it will continue to work in the Boyd Rewards era, but you can still go to the desk and get a replacement card with the new name if you want.

So overall, not massive news, but references here on the site have been updated to reflect the change, in case you’re looking for information about Boyd’s program.

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