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Caesars Earn for Next Year Promotion Back for 2021

Caesars Rewards Diamond card
Written by Joshua

One of Caesars Rewards‘ standard Q4 promotions, the Earn for Next Year program, has returned, with some slight tweaks.

The basic idea is the same – for every 500 base tier credits you earn (not the ones earned from other promotions like the daily tier bonus), you’ll receive 100 tier credits for the 2022 tier year.

You can earn up to 20,000 tier credits through this promotion, enough to get Diamond out of the gate, but that of course means earning 100,000 base tier credits, which is $500,000 in slot coin-in or $1,000,000 of video poker coin-in.

The big change for 2021 is the window which you can earn those bonus tier credits was shrunk from three months to two. The program begins November 1 this year, vs. October 1 in previous years, but still ends at the end of the calendar year.

You must register with a national Caesars Rewards card at this link to be eligible. If you have a Caesars Rewards Local card, you’ll need to make sure it’s linked to a national Caesars Rewards card to qualify for the promotion. But this does indicate the Eldorado properties that came into the Caesars Rewards network will be eligible for participation, which is an added bonus.

One thing to remember is this is cumulative – you don’t have to earn 500 tier credits in a day to qualify – if you earn 500 across the two months, you’ll get 100.

I’ve used this promo to good effect in years past as I’ve many times visited Caesars properties during the window, and been able to accumulate enough tier credits to get off on the right foot for the following year. For those working to close out their tier before year’s end, it’s a good opportunity to also pick up a head start for next year.

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