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Caesars Revives Q4 Earn for Next Year Promotion

Caesars Rewards Diamond card
Written by Joshua

Each year in recent memory, Caesars Rewards has run a promotion in the fourth quarter that helps those who are working to a complete a tier now, by not only giving you the tier credits you earn today, but helping you get a kick start on the following year.

This promotion has returned, with similar rules for previous years. Given many players were unable to visit their local Caesars properties for awhile due to COVID-19, many are playing catch-up now, and so this is a welcome return promotion.

The rules are pretty simple – for every 500 base tier credits you earn between October 1 and December 31, 2020 you will earn 100 tier credits for 2021. You do not earn this on the bonus tier credits earned through multipliers or daily bonuses, but you can earn both bonuses in tandem. So if you’re going to complete this year’s tier, you can also get a head start on next year.

In 2019 I did this and ended up with more than 1,500 tier credits towards 2020 right off the bat, which was a nice way to get things going. I had spent quite a bit of time at Caesars properties in Q4 last year, so the momentum was on my side.

It’s also helpful to note that unlike tier bonuses like the daily bonus, this is cumulative so you don’t have to earn 500 points in a single day; you just have to earn at least 500 points sometime in the quarter (and the more you earn, the larger the bonus will be).

The page where the terms and conditions should be listed was not active on the Caesars website as I write this, but the article will be revised once I confirm it’s active. There are usually limits to how many you can earn in this bonus, although it tends to be quite high.

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    • Hey Ross! I have a piece in the works for later this month, but so far the only things we know is all the temporary measures (extended expiration, reduced tier credit requirements) go away for 2021. That said, October is usually when we hear if anything major will change, so my hope is if there’s anything else we’ll know shortly!

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