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Caesars Rewards Atlantic City Offers, January Edition

Caesars Atlantic City
Written by Joshua

Last month, I posted about how many players had noted their offers were cut. I had seen reports of it in a few different places, but by far the strongest concentration were Caesars Rewards players in Atlantic City. At the time I noted that if it was a permanent change, it might take us a few months to see it.

However, I didn’t predict what happened in January to be the next step. As of this writing, I’ve been receiving batches of 3-4 emails sharing with me offers for every single Caesars Rewards property in Atlantic City. This is unusual, at least for me, because up until now the standard model I would be under would be for an offer to exist at the property where I’ve played the most.

For January, I have offers situated at Tropicana (following the old school Tropicana format of gifts, gift cards and free play), Bally’s (which appears to still be running as a Caesars Rewards property for January), Caesars and Harrah’s.

Since my first visit to Atlantic City in 2015, I would receive offers anchored to a specific property. Usually this property is where I had done the most play in recent visits, and would include rewards credits, free play offers, gifts, etc. Which property would be the lead one would change here and there, but I never received offers from multiple properties.

What appears to have changed, at least in part, is the introduction of kiosk games and offers over the past few months, and all of the casinos are each giving me a swing at the kiosk games/offers each month, as opposed to just the single home casino each month, which was the case during my last visit in October.

Combined, the free play offers for those kiosk days equal about twice what my single offer in November offered me, and triple what I was offered in December. Of course, there’s effort required to claim them all, but this may be a calculated effort by the new Caesars to encourage players to visit all the properties vs. one or two.

However, I also was getting regular free play offers at Bally’s in addition to Harrah’s, which has been the property where my offers have been anchored the last couple of years. This includes a rewards credit contribution and free play outside the kiosk days.

Combined, the Bally’s and Harrah’s offers on non-kiosk days are equivalent to my pre-December offers. So I don’t know if the change has to do with the fact that a portion of my play had been at Bally’s, or if something else is going on.

I checked in on an AC forum and other players told me they do get full offer sets from more than one property, so if you’re a high enough player I presume this is less unusual. I’m definitely not one of those players; my AC offers are never all that substantial, although anything certainly helps, such as the free rooms or some free play.

Speaking of room offers, for January the room offer emails came from two properties for me, one from Tropicana, one from Bally’s and one from Harrah’s in my case (Harrah’s listed codes for both Harrah’s and Caesars), and I presume that’s in part due to the fact that Tropicana has yet to fully be merged into the Caesars booking engine and Bally’s is on its way out. I did notice though that the offers are now listed for Tropicana on the Caesars site, so the consolidation continues, but Tropicana wasn’t bookable on Caesars’ website yet as I drafted this piece.

Tropicana still seems to be quasi-separate going into January, and Bally’s still isn’t fully spun off, so I’m sure this will remain a fluid situation. But at least for January, for me, things don’t look as dire as they did in December. It’s possible that my October visit factored in to this latest batch, but it doesn’t seem like much else changed other than the kiosk offer expansion and the revival of offers at Tropicana, so time shall tell.

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