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Whales of Cash: An Aristocrat Classic

Whales of Cash by Aristocrat big win
Written by Joshua

Some of Aristocrats earlier games were winners in part because for low bets, you could see some pretty substantial wins. Such was the case with a game like Whales of Cash, which like other themes in the Aristocrat library has had a long and healthy history.

The original set the stage for what has been a variety of sequels and reuses of the theme in games like Wonder 4 Boost and in the new iteration, Whales of Cash Rising Jackpots. For as little as 25 credits for the Reel Boost (all ways pays) format you can get some pretty nice base game wins, and even better free spins wins.

In the base game, whales serve as wilds with 2x multipliers on reels 2 and 4 – get them both connected on a line hit and that can boost your multiplier to 4x. With 5 of a kinds on 25 credits that can reach 3,600 credits without a multiplier, the potential is there for a more than 500x hit on 25 credits just in the base game. That’s some substantial potential on a game with such a low bet.

But then you can take things further by winning free games. 3 or more moneybags starting from the left reel will give you a free spins bonus (and the whale wild symbol can even match up with the bonus symbol to trigger it):

  • 3 Money Bags: 10 free games
  • 4 Money Bags: 15 free games
  • 5 Money Bags: 25 free games

The big change and booster for the bonus is the whales, while still only on reels 2 and 4, are now 4x each, and if landed together on a paying combination is worth a massive 16x. That’s 57,600 credits for the top symbol on five of a kind with both whales. It’s certainly not a likely combination to come up, but on a 25 credit bet that’s enormous – well over 2,000x your bet.

Those low bets and high potential make for a wild ride, but with lower bets your money can survive wild swings a bit more easily compared to more modern games, where the bets are much higher for similar or higher volatility.

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