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Dreamy Genie: Wheel Upgrade Packs a Punch

Dreamy Genie by IGT logo wheel and progressives
Written by Joshua

In a previous post I showcased Queenie, a game that took a wheel upgrade format I had seen in a social casino app and made its way into physical casinos in what is a fun game format. A sister machine is today’s highlighted game, called Dreamy Genie (which I’m sure rhymes with Queenie on purpose).

Like Queenie, this game features quite accessible 50 credit bet increments, for a 50 cent minimum bet on penny denomination. I’ve seen the bet panel traditionally be 50, 100, 150, 250 and 500 credits, yielding a good array of bets and a not out of line top bet.

The main difference here is a 5×4 reel set over a 5×3 one, but otherwise the games are quite similar. The game is an all ways pays format.

Dreamy Genie shares the wheel feature with Queenie, which can be triggered by a genie’s lamp (wild) symbol on any base game spin (if 3 come out in a single spin it will spin automatically) and is guaranteed to trigger with that same symbol each time at least one appears on a spin during during free games.

The wheel features the same five categories of upgrades, with one adjustment for this version:

  • More wilds
  • Credits
  • Win multiplier
  • Free games
  • Jackpot pick

The Jackpot feature is different on this version; you get a predetermined pick screen. There is a chance to boost the prizes up to two times; the chances of boosted prizes increases with bet, just as the chances of winning larger progressives also increases with bet.

The wheel can keep awarding free games once you enter the free games, up to 230 free games in all can be awarded – with all the other upgrades and bonuses possible, that could be a pretty potent bonus if achieved.

Dreamy Genie by IGT 8x wheel line hit

Like Queenie, the regular line hits can pay, the wheel upgrades can pay and the free games can pay – it makes for a fun game, and can get lucrative when it gets active!

Dreamy Genie Slot Videos

RandomSlots is always good in providing both game play video and pay table information:

TheBigPayback has an epic 40 minute run on the game, showing off a variety of the wheel options including the Jackpot Pick bonus in the process:

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