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Comp City Slots Offers a More Unusual, but Still Useful, Take on Comps

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Written by Joshua

In previous app reviews we’ve talked about Binion’s Casino and Four Queens, sister properties with sister apps featuring a somewhat unusual comps earning structure. A third app by the same company was developed for the Las Vegas Advisor, whose membership program we’ve spoken about previously, and whose member rewards book factored heavily into our recent coupon run.

Their mobile app, Comp City Slots, shares a lot of the same features (and quirks) of the other two apps, so like our review for Four Queens we’ll hit on the key bullets that differentiate this app from its sisters.

Shared DNA, Different Comps

Comp City slots parlor

The Comp City Slots app has the most in common with the Binion’s app in terms of structure. You’re dropped into the slots just like Binion’s, and some of the same slot games exist in both apps. There’s no Benny Bucks opportunity in the game, or progressives, so it’s a more straightforward approach.

The Video Poker lounge with the various Video Poker options and escalating paytables for higher bets are here (but you can bet less coins at the minimum end, helpful given the video watching pays less coins than the other two apps.

The VIP levels are similar to the other apps and let you level up to earn higher rewards, but not comps.

Here, you earn tickets, not hats or crowns, to earn comps, and you earn them the same way as before – based on video watching, purchases and a few other opportunities, you can earn a certain number of tickets, regardless of how many coins you have.

Comp City rewards options

Where things diverge are the comps. Since there’s no casino tie in, the comps here get a bit more interesting. You can get an LVA membership with the member rewards coupon book, a valuable comp if you visit Vegas. You can get video poker training software from Bob Dancer, books, strategy cards and more – it’s a different type of comp but if you’re a Know Your Slots reader, you’ll probably find much of it valuable!

Otherwise, it’s basically the same game, just with different rewards to achieve. If you like to learn how to be a better gambler, both from a strategy perspective and through coupons like the Member Rewards LVA book provides, this game will help you get there!

Are you a Comp City Slots player? Have you redeemed for any rewards? Share in the comments!

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