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Caesars Rewards App Offers Small, But Helpful, Perks

Caesars Rewards Diamond card
Written by Joshua

I’ve talked about the Caesars Rewards program here at considerable length in the past. Given it’s a national program with prominence in most major gambling markets (including Las Vegas and Atlantic City), many players have had at least some exposure to some of their casinos, and are probably part of the program.

Until now I haven’t talked about the Caesars Rewards app, which recently got a bit of an overhaul as part of the rebranding they did of their program last year. If you are a regular Caesars Rewards player and don’t have the app, you should consider getting it; there’s app-specific perks that aren’t huge, but can be helpful as part of the broader consideration of the comp program.

First off, you can see all of your available offers, book rooms, reach out for assistance while on property – all valuable and helpful features that can make booking and completing trips a bit easier. Not everyone brings a computer on a casino trip, so having information on your mobile phone can be a plus.

There are mobile specific discounts and offers that are also loaded, especially if you venture into markets like Las Vegas. Each time I am tagged as being in the area, a bunch of local offers get loaded into my app. While I don’t generally avail myself of this, I could see how this could be valuable to those who are looking for some options on the fly.

Finally, there’s app-specific promotions as well, mostly around contest entries and giveaways. Each month you can get an entry into a drawing to be part of their Millionaire Maker slot tournament. There are usually some sort of monthly promotion you can enter daily to get a chance at winning tier credits.

Caesars Rewards app April 2020 tier credit promotion

As this post is going live, there’s a specific promotion going on where every five days you enter the daily promotion, you get 50 tier credits, and on Wednesdays, you automatically get 100 tier credits for entering. With five Wednesdays in the month, that is up to 800 tier credits if you don’t miss a day. That’s not huge, but also not insignificant; That’s the equivalent of $4,000 in coin-in on slots.

While they don’t offer these sorts of bonuses all the time, they do appear periodically. And sometimes during the Quest for Rewards promotions they also give a badge, and bonus tier credits, for having their app.

There’s enough value there to make a bit of real estate on your mobile device for their app. And it provides enough useful functionality and features to make it something that a Caesars Rewards player should at least consider having on their device if they’re visiting a Caesars property regularly.

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