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Four Queens Launches Mobile App

Four Queens casino loading screen
Written by Joshua

UPDATED 10/10/20: The Four Queens app was updated today announcing the termination of real world prizes, effective 10/16/20. Those who redeem their crowns in time can convert to vouchers within a year of the redemption, but no further redemptions will be allowed after that. It’s a bummer, and eliminates a core reason to play this app over the many others out there.

While I was in Vegas, a friend of mine reached out telling me that the Four Queens, which is the sister property to Binion’s, launched their mobile app. The app serves a larger purpose than just being a game like the Binion’s Casino app, but the game inside of it is basically the same as Binion’s. Instead of doing a full review, since the Binion’s Casino information is largely similar here, we’ll talk about what’s different.

Beyond a Casino Games App

Four Queens home screen
The Four Queens app incorporates more than just the social casino, although that’s still the core purpose.

The Four Queens app strives to take things a step farther than its sister property. It includes more general information about the property, including its entertainment options and easy access to their website. It also has a somewhat gimmicky tile that shows you how far away from Four Queens you are. It does complete the picture a bit, though, and ties the social casino into the actual property a bit more.

But ultimately the social casino aspect is the bread and butter, and those who have played Binion’s Casino will know what to expect.

Subtle Differences, but Largely the Same

The information provided in our Binion’s Casino review largely remains true here:

Binion's Casino slot room
  • Instead of earning hats, you’re now earning crowns. One of the daily bonuses earns you bonus crowns (although a bug as of this writing showed the Binion’s hat icon in the box when you earn them).

    The conversion rate of redeeming crowns is the same as hats in Binion’s, at 400 per $5, with the odd exception of items at $100 and over. For instance, the $100 hotel credit requires 10,000 crowns, which is 500 per $5. In the Binion’s app the same offer is only 8,000 hats for $100, which is in line with the 400 hats per $5 ratio.

    Binion’s rooms aren’t open yet, so the credits are applicable at Four Queens, and if that’s your goal, you should probably play the Binion’s app to get them 25 percent faster.
  • The Four Queens game gives you the chance to earn QBucks, which works just like Benny Bucks, and there’s also a progressive win opportunity to give you a ton more coins, just like the Benny’s Billions game.
  • The odd way of earning crowns, in this case, persists from the Binion’s model of games. So watching videos, collecting the special bonuses and buying coins will give you the ability to earn more crowns.
  • The comps are pretty diverse here, too, and offer everything from swag to hotel credits.
  • The number of games is equally meager here. However, the presence of video poker and the escalating pay tables based on bet size also carries over here.

Overall, those who are Fremont St. fans or like to go visit the Four Queens will have reason to give the game a go and pick up a few comps along the way.

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    • Hi Alan, I don’t believe so. The company that developed these focuses on mobile development and last time I checked it wasn’t available. It doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future, but for now, it’s not.

  • If you can’t earn comps, why play these games??
    Also, the 4 Queens app on my phone is requiring me to log in with Facebook, however, when I select this on the screen, I get an error1675030 – Error in FB login server. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and I cannot get this to work. Any thoughts?

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