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My Konami Freeplay: The Quiet Workhorse of My Vegas Players

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Written by Joshua

One of the topics I covered early on with my site was MyVEGAS and the series of games available on the social apps.

All of the apps let you earn loyalty points, which can open up the ability to earn a variety of discounts and freebies. Initially this was concentrated in Las Vegas but over time they have added more partners in all sorts of places.

One of the best rewards available is only in a single one of the apps, the My Konami app. It is a $25 free play reward, with various flavors covering at of the MGM properties.

They are more expensive than the other free play options but for a good reason: They do not have the requirement of a stay, and can be used even if you are staying on a comp offer. The others are much more restrictive.

Like anything free in the app they count as a premium reward. Players can redeem a minimum of three premium rewards, but can get as many as six, depending on how much they have bought coins in the various apps. Your redemption count resets every 30 days, and you can only redeem one of each reward per batch, which resets periodically.

Last year I graduated to five premium rewards, and as my offers tend to cover room and food, I have the last few trips opted to redeem five My Konami free play rewards for a total of $125 in free play above and beyond my standard offer.

Over the years they have tweaked things; originally they would tell you you had to play the free play on a specific bank of Konami machines, although their system could not actually maintain such a restriction. Over time those banks disappeared and it just became another free play option.

You used to be able to put them on at each casino that you ordered one from and it would be playable at any Mlife casino on the strip; now you have to play it where you claimed it (which matches which property’s reward you bought). But you still get the same value, and have to visit each property to claim it, so it is not the biggest deal.

If you are not in search of room or food comps, and are not searching for any show tickets, My Konami free play is a great option.

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