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Do Paybacks Increase if You Tier Up in a Players Club?

Mlife players cards
Written by Joshua

Another comment I saw come up recently is that someone was told by a casino players club desk that if they tier up, their payouts will increase. Common knowledge is that players cards don’t have any effect on the outcome of your slot machine gaming. But could you actually be paid more for a higher tier?

Status: Strictly speaking, no. But as far as comps are concerned, it’s possible.

Slot machines themselves will not change their paybacks for any reason from the setting that the casino puts in them. Over time, the payback will be achieved based on pure math – given millions of spins, it will get closer and closer to the expected payback based on the probability of each programmed outcome occurring.

However, we’ve noted here that when you have your players card inserted, you’re getting paid in a secondary way: In the comp dollars you earn instantly, and the comps you receive from the casino to visit again. As such, if a casino players club promises stronger perks for being at a higher tier, that does increase your overall payback when you add the actual slot payback to the comps and comp dollars you earn.

This is an important distinction; you will never hear the casinos say they’re raising paybacks (or at least they shouldn’t), as that can raise implications they don’t want to raise. The slot machines themselves will pay the same no matter whose card is in, or even if no card is in. But you could as a higher tier get more perks for your play. That’s OK, and likely from a marketing perspective happens quite often to encourage people to play more and more often.

To know if you’re getting more perks for your play, look for signs of tier bonuses or comp bonuses in the tier charts. Mlife is a great example of a program that freely confirms it gives more comps to higher level players:

mLife Tier Chart Gaming

As you level up in Mlife’s program, the bonuses increase on both points earned and express comps. As points can be used for both freeplay or express comps, you’re getting quite a bit more once you reach the higher tiers than just at the base level.

So, tiering up won’t get the slot machine to give you a bigger bonus, but you might have a few more bucks to eat in the food court or a few more dollars in freeplay.

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