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Quest for Rewards Returns: Badges Earnings Slim, but Still Fun for Vegas Visitors

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Written by Joshua

One of the more popular and prominent promotions that Caesars Rewards runs periodically is their Quest for Rewards program. Based on the promotion at a given time, there’s an opportunity to earn entries into a drawing, as well as earn bonus tier credits, for completing certain actions, such as playing certain types of games, staying in certain hotels or completing certain activities at a certain property.

The latest iteration, which kicked off June 1, 2019, is focused on Las Vegas, and for those visiting, there can be some fun and easy ways to pick up some additional tier credits.

How to Earn Badges

Badges can be earned in a few core ways:

  • Earn 25 bonus tier credits when you earn 25 tier credits in any of Caesars’ nine properties in Las Vegas playing your favorite games.
  • Earn 25 bonus tier credits when you reach 25, 50 and 100 tier credits playing slots. So, earn 100 total tier credits playing slots and you’ll get a 75 tier credit bonus in total.
  • The same structure exists for table games. Earn 25 bonus tier credits when you reach 25, 50 and 100 tier credits playing table games, so that same 75 tier credit bonus is possible for getting to 100 tier credits on table games.
  • Earn 25 bonus tier credits for reaching each spend milestone on food or beverage. There are three milestones, like the slots/table games: $100, $250 and $500. So, a $500 total spend would net you 75 additional tier credits.
  • The same structure exists for hotel rooms: Earn 25 bonus tier credits for each spend milestone on hotel rooms. The three milestones are also $100, $250 and $500. $500 total spend on rooms would net you 75 additional tier credits.
  • Finally, and most importantly, there’s six additional badges, each with a 25 tier credit bonus, that can be earned for activities like registering your email, linking the mobile app or having linked your CR account to caesarscasino.com and harrahscasino.com. These can be achieved outside Vegas as they’re more global in nature, so any Caesars Reward member should check those out.
Caesars Quest for Rewards Loyalty Badges
You can earn a few badges, and bonuses, just for simple actions anyone with Caesars Rewards can complete. So a few entries can be pretty much guaranteed with no effort.

What Badges Get You

Aside from the bonus tier credits, badges also earn you entries into a drawing for a chance at up to 1,000,000 rewards credits (worth $10,000) or a Seven Stars upgrade (which comes with a lot of its own perks). There are second- and third-place prizes that offer their own benefits, and there’s a total of 61 winners. The breakdown:

  • Grand Prize winner ā€“ Choice of Seven Stars status upgrade (valid through January 31, 2021) or 1 million Reward Credits
  • 10 winners ā€“ 100,000 Reward Credits
  • 50 winners ā€“ Choice of Diamond status upgrade (valid through January 31, 2021) or 10,000 Reward Credits

So if you’re a lower tier status player, there’s an opportunity to take a jump to a higher tier.

A Limited Time Promotion

For those who are going to Las Vegas in the next couple of months, it’s a great opportunity to earn some extra tier credits for gambling and spending, which you’re probably already there to do. The contest ends August 31, 2019 and winners will be selected shortly thereafter.

You can track your badge earning status on the Caesars Rewards site, so you know how you’re doing. While in Vegas I was able to visit most properties, and my badge earnings showed up a day or two behind my earnings, so if you don’t see it immediately, don’t fret! Tier credit bonuses showed up pretty much when the badges showed up.

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