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Get the mychoice App, Get $10 in mycash as a Bonus

MyChoice players club program
Written by Joshua

It’s not often you get a generous offer just for downloading an app to your phone. Yet that’s exactly what mychoice has been offering recently for existing accountholders.

If you download the mychoice app, you will receive $10 in mycash simply for logging in to your existing mychoice account. As of this writing, the offer is scheduled to end September 30, 2021, so there’s still time to take advantage of this if you haven’t yet.

In addition, those who enjoy their online social casino, mychoice casino, can get 5 million free coins as an additional bonus for downloading the app.

That $10 in mycash can actually have additional value, because of the way the mychoice program works. $10 in mycash can be worth $10 in free play, or it could be worth $20 for drinks, food and retail because of the 1:2 redemption program they have for those options. So it could have a $20 value for certain types of use, a healthy bonus for downloading an app and logging in.

Part of the reason for them extending this offer is because they have other mobile features with their own additional cash bonuses available for having the app, so they are in the process of driving awareness of the mobile features that come with the app.

In this case, there is now mywallet, which is a cashless and cardless gaming option allowing you to use an electronic account to move money to and from a machine. There are two additional bonuses available as part of this launch:

  • Establish a mywallet account to be eligible for a $25 bonus
  • Connect to a game for a $15 bonus

This feature is only available in Pennsylvania right now, so it has limited availability, but if you’re there, that can mean a total of $50 in bonuses, not too shabby for trying out their cashless system.

I’m not the most fond so far of cashless systems, given the additional work they seem to require so far, but I can certainly see the value for some, and a $50 bonus can be a nice incentive to try it!

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