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How to Maximize Your Casino Tier Credit Earnings

MGM Tier Credit Multiplier
Written by Joshua

Tier credits are your scorecard for how you’re doing in terms of earning, or renewing, a given tier. Tier credits are what determine whether you maintain your status, get a higher one, or get downgraded at the end of a cycle.

As such, if you’re a player of a higher tier level, or want to be one, knowing the fastest and easiest ways to get there can be a wise way to maximize your tier while doing the gambling you already plan on doing. That’s because, as I like to remind, you should never play for comps or status, but if you’re already playing, you should maximize your opportunity.

Savvier players know the ins and outs of the tier programs they visit frequently, and take advantage of promotions and the structure of the program itself to get as many points as they can from their visits, and therefore benefit from the tier benefits they can earn from their higher tier status.

If you’re new to all this, or haven’t investigated everything there is to know, here’s some things to keep in mind.

Always Make Sure Your Card is Active

It’s easy to forget to put your card in a machine, or miss that it didn’t properly register your card. It’s easy to miss when a Card Abandoned message de-activates your card because of a long bonus or a few minutes of not gambling. But each time you let this happen, you miss out on your base tier credits that you can be earning.

So keep an eye on that player’s card, make sure it’s picked up when you’re playing, and that you have the card in the machine, to ensure you get the points you should rightfully earn.

Watch for Tier Credit Multipliers

Many casinos will offer tier credit multipliers from time to time – they’ll offer them on specific days, for either some or all players. A multiplier will make your money reach farther, and get you to your tier that much further.

Both of my home casinos regularly have multipliers days that can get you 3x-5x your tier credits for a window. One particularly strong visit, I got 80 percent of the way to my tier renewal on a single visit to one of them. Being able to knock these out easily is a helpful way to get it done.

Know Where You Earn the Most

There are scenarios where playing at one casino or market can be advantageous to another. The prime example is Mlife Rewards – in Vegas your tier credit earnings are 5x what you earn in other markets on gambling. This means that the same gambling budget will earn you 5x the tier credits that you would (without multipliers or other promotions) in their local markets.

Sometimes one casino owned by the same company in an area will have a promotion another won’t, and so playing at one will be advantageous over another. It helps to do a bit of homework to know where the best opportunities lie.

Understand How the Tier Structure Works

Many programs will give you earnings bonuses for accomplishing certain tasks. Caesars Rewards gives you bonuses if you earn enough tier credits in a single day; Mlife gives you a tier credit bonus based on your status, which makes it easier to maintain said status.

These bonuses can be used in tandem with other promotions, so you can get your normal tier bonus, and also get a promotional bonus, side by side. So this can be helpful if you plan on plowing a bit of extra energy in a casino during a promotional period.

Doing Other Spending? Show Your Card

Many casino players card programs will record and reward non-casino spending as well; for them it’s a way to track your overall spending on the property, as opposed to just casino play, but for you it’s also a way to pick up some additional tier credits.

Make sure your players card is linked to your hotel reservations, and show your card when at restaurants, spas, shops and so forth. You might qualify for a discount as an added bonus, but at minimum you can get tier credits for your spending.

Many times tier credit for non-casino spending will rack up faster than casino spending (since casino gambling tends to be money cycled multiple times through games); Mlife will give 25 tier credits per dollar spent on hotels in Las Vegas, for instance.

These are among the more critical ways you can maximize your tier credits earnings potential. Do you have other ways you maximize your earnings? Share them below in the comments.

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