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Offers and How They Change with No Visitation

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Written by Joshua

A player was curious about why their lack of play would impact their offers (I’ve left out the specifics of their offer because that, specifically doesn’t really relate to the overall theme of the question):

If I haven’t been to Vegas in awhile, why would my offers decrease?

One of the reasons why your offers may decrease is that the play that is rated against those offers can change. Depending on the market, your play across a few months or a few years might be in the window they review. If a particularly good visit drops off, your offers could drop simply because that casino visit is no longer factored into the math.

Another possibility is you’ve been shifted from an active player to an inactive player. They may still float offers to you because you’ve shown good play in the past, but may be calculated under a different formula if they think you’re not as likely to be enticed to come based on an offer alone (if you were, why didn’t you take the offers already extended?).

Those can sometimes shift more aggressively based on market demand and their eagerness to fill hotel rooms with good players, so if they’re having a poor period, you might see a better than average offer, while when they’re busy see a worse than average offer.

If you haven’t been to a casino in long enough and you’re still getting offers, they probably like you because it’s not unusual for offers to outright disappear after a year or two without a visit. But that could therefore explain why they changed.

Finally, it could just be a change that more than just you are caught up in; casinos periodically re-evaluate their various offers for different types of players, and can change them accordingly, either temporarily (say, as a test) or permanently. If it’s not a massive drop, it could just be them tinkering with their offer amounts for various players and it’s as simple as that.

During parts of the pandemic recovery, offers bounced around more than normal as casino companies figured out what they were wanting to put out there. That tinkering hasn’t necessarily stopped, so you might find this happening to some degree as well.

These are three options, but not necessarily an exhaustive list, but can hopefully give you a bit of an idea of why offers can shift out of the blue.

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