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Should You Avoid Playing Slot Machines at Casinos on the First of the Month?

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Written by Joshua

This post is going live on the first of the month, so today’s topic is particularly appropriate! On a slot forum I frequent, someone asked a question about playing slots on the first of the month vs. other times of the month:

How do my fellow players feel about going to the casino on the first of the month? I’ve heard pros & cons or should I not give it a 2nd thought?

The player elaborated to what they mean: “Some people think that the casinos don’t pay out as much at the first of the month because they have bills to pay, just like us.”

STATUS: The day of the month doesn’t make any difference as to slot payback.

It’s important to remember that every game in the casino is designed, over time, to make the casinos money. It’s also important to remember that casino games are prone to variance, meaning in the short term a game can go above or below the expectation. This is how a player can get skunked, and another player can get a handpay – it’s not an even ride.

I’ve mentioned here that paybacks don’t change based on time of the day or day of the week, and day of the month falls into that bucket as well. Casinos make money just fine by setting games up and letting them do their thing.

Sure, they may tweak things occasionally, if the data indicates they should or they’re moving or swapping out games, but they’re not constantly raising and lowering paybacks because it’s suddenly the first of the month – the math will work in their favor over time, as long as they have enough customers and remain patient.

We should accept that casinos are negative expectation games, and not presume the worst in casinos… and if we do, we should question whether gambling is even for us.

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