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Busting Slot Machine Myths with The Jackpot Gents

The Orleans slot floor
Written by Joshua

My monthly sit-down with The Jackpot Gents has arrived, and this time, we had enough material for two parts. The first part debuted on their main channel, while the second part debuted on their new secondary channel, branded after their American Casino Guide Book.

We discussed one of my evergreen categories, slot machine myths and their realities. I selected 10 popular topics from among the library of more than 100 I’ve written over the years, to cover some of the most commonly asked questions I get, and declarations I see across various social media groups and online forums.

In part one, we cover the first five myths:

In part two, we cover five more myths:

Regular readers of the site will be familiar with many of these, but both Steve and Matt add their share of experiences and anecdotes that provides another level to the conversation, as always!

It’s always a pleasure to converse with them both, and share some of the topics that we discuss here. Be sure to subscribe to both of their channels – The Jackpot Gents for filmed and live play, and American Casino Guide Book for educational video topics!

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