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Slot Moments: Cleopatra II and its Massive Potential

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Written by Joshua

IGT isn’t necessarily known for ultra volatile games as a rule, but now and then it puts out a game with some insane potential. I’ve talked here in the past about Mega Vault, but another game with such potential is Cleopatra II.

The game features multiple ways to realize its promise. The most obvious is its bonus round, with an escalating multiplier with each spin. Get multiple retriggers and even mundane line hits can begin to pay crazy amounts.

Brian Christopher probably has one of the more prominent examples of this, playing Cleopatra II at $9 a spin (9 lines $1 denomination). The session starts at 3:50 on this video. The bonus starts with a pick of how many spins he’ll get based on the symbol chosen. He picks the best option, with 12 spins revealed.

The spins then begin, and each spin the multiplier increases 1x, so second spin is 2x, 3rd spin is 3x and so on. On spin 10 of 12, he retriggers and gets his first decent hit at the same time, adding 12 more spins and now carrying him to 24 spins. The very next spin he gets his first massive line hit, on its own a jackpot.

That would be enough for anyone to feel good about their bonus, but it kept going. A nearly $1000 line hit comes a few spins later, and then comes the second retrigger, which now takes him to 36 spins. The retrigger on its own pays nearly $500. By the time you get to 21x at this bet level, three aces alone pays over $400, so almost everything is meaningful as a win at this point.

If you haven’t seen it it’s worth it to see the final outcome, but the pays continue from there.

A second way that Cleopatra II can really deliver is simply landing five bonus symbols, a rare and incredibly lucrative opportunity.

Bomba Slots did it in this case, and encountered one of the more quirky thing about this game – it doesn’t reveal the pay for the bonus trigger until after the bonus itself is over.

It was triggered at $40 a spin, and so it was going to be a doozy of a hit, but it wasn’t clear after the conclusion of the bonus itself, an underperforming $352, that the trigger paid an astounding $104,000.

As you can see, the game can really deliver, and while these bonuses were on really high bets, you an do the math to realize these could still deliver in a major way on lower bets as well.

The Slot Moments series selects videos that can show the real potential of a slot machine game. Do you have a moment that stands out for you? Share in the comments and it may be featured in a future edition!

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