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Slot Moments: Massive Winning on a Cruise Ship

Carnival Mardi Gras at port
Written by Joshua

Many players know that cruise ships may not offer the best odds of a casino – in fact, it’s generally accepted that when it comes to slots, machines will be set about as low as they can be. The reality is some land-based casinos do this too, so it’s not that it will necessarily be massively worse on a cruise ship.

The payback being lower also doesn’t mean you can win massively on a cruise ship – I certainly have recent experience to back this up. So does Brian Christopher, who in a recent video shared his biggest jackpot won on a cruise ship, which happened on the same sailing that I was on.

The moment where he shows the bonus that gave him his biggest jackpot ever starts at 19:25. The bonus was courtesy of Dollar Storm, and a very lucky hold and spin session.

Now, regular viewers of Brian know he bets a lot higher than I do, so his bonus was not a 12,500x multiple of his bet like mine, but even for a $50 bet he did quite well for himself, landing cash on reels symbols that contained $1,000, $2,500 and $12,500 among the original six that landed.

As the spins continued he landed a bunch more balls well above the minimum bet, including some $200s, $500s and $1,000s. All told, he ended up with an $18,800 win on a $50 bet, a wonderful 376x his bet. And he managed it without any jackpots or progressives – no Super Grand chances, no Minis or Minors. Just sizable numbers to carry him forward.

The Slot Moments series selects videos that can show the real potential of a slot machine game. Do you have a moment that stands out for you? Share in the comments and it may be featured in a future edition!

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