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Slot Moments: Samurai 888 Mega Feature Yields Jackpot for TheBigPayback

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Written by Joshua

An increasing number of slot machines feature three accumulators, each of which enhance a bonus, originally popularized by Aristocrat’s Fu Dai Lian Lian. When all three spin together, all three upgrades are activated.

Samurai 888 by IGT is one of those games, and on a recent video by TheBigPayback, he got all three bonus upgrades.

On Samurai 888, the three upgrades are:

  • Coin boost feature, which pay credits (starting at 2x your bet) but can be boosted, also awarding an extra free game.
  • Reel boost feature, which sees the number of lines increase to 50 during the bonus
  • Jackpot feature, which features chests that can award additional free games, credit prizes or gems that can collect to award jackpots

With that, here’s the video from TheBigPayback:

He was alternating his bets among $3.88, $5.88 and the max bet of $8.88. About a minute into his session he got a Reel Boost free games, which on its own yields five free spins, at max bet, and did pretty well.

He played for awhile, heading almost back down to his original stake, before hitting the Jackpot feature, which on its own offers 8 free games, at the $3.88 bet level. That bonus was a bit more underwhelming. He then ups the ante, and gets another Jackpot feature at $5.88. The bonus, while a touch better, was still a bit underwhelming.

But ANOTHER bonus comes a few moments later, and this time he lights up all three bags for the Mega feature at the max bet of $8.88. There’s a lot more going on with the coin boosts adding games and the chests also potentially adding games. The coins and chests can both deliver credits, and the chests can offer jackpots. And then you’ve got the taller reels for more line hit possibilities.

In his first three games he gets three more games, a great start. The coin prizes keep getting boosted. The chests keep flying out, and by spin 10 he’s landed the Major jackpot, worth more than a thousand dollars on its own.

As he’s running out of spins, he keeps getting coin boosts with extra games behind them, keeping him alive. He wins the Mini and the Minor. Then he wins the major a second time! One last Mini and 21 games later, he’s managed a sizable handpay worth more than 300x his wager.

The Slot Moments series selects videos that can show the real potential of a slot machine game. Do you have a moment that stands out for you? Share in the comments and it may be featured in a future edition!

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