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Slot Moments: Slotaholic Gets 15 Gold Buffalo Heads

Written by Joshua

Certain slot machines are designed with a rare outcome as part of the game, giving players not only the incentive to play for bonuses or big wins, but also to achieve the unusual feat.

One such game is Buffalo Gold, a sequel to Buffalo that incorporates a symbol collection feature in the bonus round. As you collect gold buffalo heads, you convert some of the semi-premium symbols to the top symbol, buffalos, increasing the chances for big line hits.

Combined with the game’s ability to retrigger with as little as two coins, the potential even on smaller bets is huge.

That takes us to this week’s Slot Moments, and an amazing video by Josh, better known on his YouTube channel as Slotaholic. This particular video shows a $1.80 cent bonus bet that leads to the holy grail of Buffalo Gold and those 15 buffalo heads.

The bonus itself is nearly a half hour in length, which shows you what happens when the game starts retriggering up a storm; the bonus nearly reached 100 spins, and the final outcome was nearly 3,000x that $1.80 bet.

The 15 gold buffalo heads has been a bit easier to achieve as Buffalo Gold has generated sequels of its own, now that Buffalo Gold Revolution gives you a head start on the wheel. Even some of the Wonder 4 games that incorporate Buffalo Gold seem to improve the chances a bit of getting 15 heads.

Getting them on the Buffalo Gold proper game is sufficiently difficult, and always a celebratory moment when it happens.

Buffalo games tend to be volatile, and the Buffalo Gold version is no exception, but Slotaholic’s video shows what the game’s potential can truly be.

The Slot Moments series selects videos that can show the real potential of a slot machine game. Do you have a moment that stands out for you? Share in the comments and it may be featured in a future edition!

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  • I’m at 1,915 bonus round on Buffalo Gold without getting 15 heads. Got 14 a few times but what are the odds of 15!!?

    • It’s pretty difficult to get, although it’s common enough that many of the various slot channels have their examples of it, as seen here. And, with more games that have Buffalo Gold as a connection (whether Wonder 4, or the sequel Buffalo Gold Revolution) it seems like some of the newer games make it slightly easier, albeit with bigger bets to get there.

  • I got the bonus and got 14 buffalos thus missing the 15 buffalos . Will the slots stay at 14 until someone else bonuses and gets the 15th. Thank you so much.

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