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Buffalo Gold Revolution: The Perfect Sequel’s Sequel

Buffalo Gold Revolution by Aristocrat big win
Written by Joshua

There’s something to be said about a company that can get people to bet nearly double what their original game required and still keep a game engaging. Despite layering on higher wagers in return for effectively more/better bonuses and base game features, they haven’t ruined the balance of the game.

Building off the success of Buffalo Gold, a well-designed sequel that amps up the bonus, Buffalo Gold Revolution takes it further, adding a wheel mechanic that can further amp up the bonus, along with another minor, yet critical addition to the base game to spread out the benefit a bit from the extra wager.

Throw in a couple of progressives and you’ve got a heck of a complex game, but it remains as fun as predecessors.

Buffalo Gold Revolution by Aristocrat four symbols changed

The change to the base game introduces the ability at random for 1-4 of the semi-premium animal symbols to turn to buffalo. This adds some symmetry to the base game since with the gold buffalo heads you can convert 1-4 of the semi-premium animal symbols as well. Unlike the bonus, this is for a single spin, but can improve a spin anywhere from marginally to substantially.

Buffalo Gold Revolution by Aristocrat four symbols wheel and credits

The second change is the wheel added to the top screen, which is where you begin your bonus. The wheel contains a variety of wedges, including:

  • Credit prizes
  • Gold buffalo heads, giving you a head start in the free spins
  • A progressive prize
  • Free Games start

Anything but the Free Games start will award another spin on the wheel, which upgrades each spin. On the fifth spin, all the wedges will initiate the Free Games. Depending on what the wheel awards you can get up to 15 gold buffalo heads before you even start your free games.

Once you enter the free games, it works otherwise identically to the Buffalo Gold free spins, just with any heads you won on the wheel starting your count off. So it can be easier to get to 15 heads, but you start with the same number of spins as any standard Buffalo game – 8 free spins for three coins, 15 for four coins, and so on. Retriggers give the same number of games as well.

Buffalo Gold Revolution by Aristocrat massive win

These changes can make the chances for big bonuses more likely, but at what cost? The 60 credit increments on Buffalo Gold increase to 75 credit increments on Buffalo Gold Revolution, and those are both compared to the 40 credit increments of the original Buffalo. So you’re now spending almost double to get these additional features, but you do

Watch and Learn

Brian Christopher got 15 gold heads with outstanding results on this video, captured live:

See MGSlots 21 catch an amazing bonus on the game, thanks to the wheel:

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