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Slot Moments: The Slot Cats Play for the Jackpot Streams Feature, and Get a Handpay

Jackpot Streams Konami
Written by Joshua

The Slot Cats are known for occasionally swinging for the fences when it comes to a progressive. In this week’s Slot Moments, we jump back a few years to when they were putting most their eggs in a more/better feature bet basket.

In this case they were playing a Konami game with the add-on Jackpot Streams feature. When this feature is in place, you make a second wager of between 10 and 50 credits on the Jackpot Chance, in the hopes you can trigger the Jackpot Streams feature.

This feature, when triggered, will show spaces where a jackpot can be won, or a bonus prize can be won. As such, just because a high paying symbol can be near the front, the bonus is predetermined and structured in a way to weight towards a credit prize or a lower progressive much of the time. As such, a specific symbol near the front doesn’t mean it’s close to paying off.

However, that didn’t deter The Slot Cats from going for it. On a quarter machine, they did 10 credits on the base game and 50 credits on the Jackpot Chance wager, a $15/spin overall wager with 5/6 of their money going towards the Jackpot Streams chance.

They put $300 in, burned through it quickly, put another ticket in for $150 more, and got a free spins bonus. That bonus didn’t pay a lot, but it did keep things going, and as they were working down to the end of that ticket, they managed the Jackpot Streams feature.

Only three spaces were marked Jackpot, but luckily only two spaces were marked bonus prize, and the crown was in the area where a Jackpot symbol was shown. Could it possibly mean they could win the Maxi jackpot? In this case, the answer was yes, with a massive $8,148.75 progressive win, and a massive handpay on a $15 bet, over 500x their wager.

With a bit over $30 left in the machine after their handpay, they decided to do a couple of back-up spins, joking about getting it back to back. And lo and behold, they managed another Jackpot Streams feature. This time they only won the bonus prize, but off of $30 in back-up spins they won another $312.50 – not too shabby!

The Slot Moments series selects videos that can show the real potential of a slot machine game. Do you have a moment that stands out for you? Share in the comments and it may be featured in a future edition!

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