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Slotomania by Playtika: Fun Game, but Comp Earnings Meager

Slotomania home screen
Written by Joshua

Slotomania is one of the more venerable slot apps out there, having been available for many years. Made by Playtika, and once owned by Caesars Entertainment, the game is still tied to that company in terms of the potential for earning comps, but the link is pretty casual at best, as most of the in-game action is contained there.

Still, if you’re one to buy chips in-game on free slot apps, having the ability to earn some comps as a bonus is a nice benefit, so let’s take a look at Slotomania and see what’s going on. But be warned: If you’re looking for a straightforward game experience, this may not be it – there’s a lot going on.

Overview of the App

As the name implies, slots are the focus of the app. You won’t find any other types of games, like video poker or table games, but you will find a deep bench of games to play – more than 150 in all. All of the games are “original” games meaning they won’t be found in casinos. But the games are designed by people with experience designing actual slots, and many of the games are built to resemble games you’ll find in the casino in most cases, at least in the way the games are mathematically designed to play and pay.

Slotomania Playtika Rewards screen

The game has a couple of level up mechanisms. One is the in-game one, which as you level up gives you higher coin bonuses, max bets and other rewards. The second is the Playtika Rewards system, which pools your activity across all the games and gives you a level, just like a players card at a casino. Higher Playtika Rewards levels mean better bonuses, perks and so on.

Slotomania Clan Rewards

A new feature is the ability to join clans and earn clan points. Based on the clan’s success in earning enough clan points, each player is able to unlock a clan reward that can be leveled up based on a player’s individual clan points.

Throughout the year SlotoCards albums are released. Each album has some number of sets that include 10 cards or so each, with the goal of completing sets, and eventually if you’re lucky/persistent, the album.

Completing sets and albums get you coins for completion. If you get doubles of cards you can use the Wheel of Stars to trade them in for coin prizes, or you can trade cards with other players for the chance to get tradable cards you need to complete your albums.

Slotomania Slotoclub

There’s also the Slotoclub, which you earn points towards for every 300 spins completed, as well as leveling up and other important actions. Once you earn 1000 points you earn a 7-day pass to the club as well as some bonuses; if you manage to get a second 1000 Slotoclub points within a 7-day pass, you get a second pass. While in the Slotoclub losing spins give you a rebate (boosted when you have two passes), which can help take the edge off on a losing streak.

Slotomania Daily Rewards

The game features the Daily Dash, three (and sometimes four) challenges that you can complete for bonuses such as coin rewards, clan points, hourly bonus or level up power-ups, Slotoclub points, Slotocards, and more. There is a variety of prizes that can be awarded for completing each, but coins and clan points are generally always there. You also earn Dash Points for each dash completed, with rewards provided for reaching 500 or 1000 Dash Points each week.

Slotomania tournaments

There are also periodic tournaments, with prizes for the top winners. Usually a tournament takes place on Sundays, but there are other tournaments periodically as well.

Still with me? There’s just a lot of various things going on, all encouraging you to spin just a little bit more. It can seem confusing at first to try to accomplish all the various things, but the reality is, given you’re accomplishing all the various tasks concurrently, it’s not too tough to keep up, as long as you have coins.

Earning Coin Bonuses

There are a number of mechanisms for earning coin bonuses:

  • Hourly bonus: By default you can collect it every few hours. Accelerators sometimes let you collect it more often. It sometimes gets upgraded with a dice roll that multiplies your bonus. Every few times you collect a wheel spin will give you a larger bonus. Finally, if you collect four days in a row, you get the Lotto Bonus, another way to multiply your bonus.
  • Daily store bonus: Each day in the shop you can collect a bonus.
  • Lucy’s gift: Lucy will gift you coins once a day.
  • Gift cards: When friends buy coins you’ll receive a gift card.
  • Club cashback bonus: When you’ve earned a SlotoClub Pass, you get a daily cashback bonus based on your losing spins.
  • Friend gifts: You can give and receive gifts with friends who are in the game as well.
  • Wheel of Stars: Once a day you can collect chips by trading in duplicate SlotoCards.
  • Daily Dash: Completing challenges will net you coins.
  • Clan Prizes: Once a week, if your clan reached the minimum to unlock chests, you will win a prize, including coins and other enhancers,
  • SlotoCards set and album completion: Completing a set or album in SlotoCards provides a coin prize.
  • Ace SlotoCards: Certain slotocards, known as Aces, also come with an additional prize for receiving them. Many times this includes a coin bonus.
  • Special features: Every few days a special feature will trigger, offering larger bonuses for completing other tasks. These include Snakes and Ladders, Lucy Private Eye hidden object images, Blast hidden objects with bonus prizes, and more.
Slotomania Blast special feature
During our review window, LIberty Blast was the special game active. This game rotates every few days and offers a chance to win a lot of additional coins.

As you level up in the game, you’ll earn coins for leveling up. Those level-up prizes can sometimes be boosted.

Buying Coins

Slotomania store

There is a store in the game, that lets you buy coins as well as certain power-ups, which boost various coin earning aspects of the game. SlotoClub members get additional coins with purchase.

There is also a Piggy Bank feature which can be bought at any time; like many other games this grows as you bet, so saving it for when you need it can be valuable. The cost of this will grow over time; mine now costs $39.99, which makes it a very unlikely purchase.

Both the Lotto bonus and the Wheel bonus, which are special hourly bonus options that appear when you’ve collected your hourly bonus enough, offer a second, super-charged round if you buy it. The cost of these goes up with your level; mine currently costs $64.99 for either, also an unlikely move.

Deals of the day usually offer a solid amount of coins for a price that makes it worth it, and many times you’ll find additional bonus prizes when you purchase the daily deal.

Finally, when special events like Blast or Private Eye are running, there is the option to buy hints or second chances, that also come with coin purchases. You get less coins for the money than if you just bought coins, but you also get the power-ups for the special games.

Earning Reward Credits

As mentioned up top, Playtika games are linked to Caesars Rewards. Whenever you make a purchase, you earn Reward Credits at the rate of about 1 percent; the rate appears to go up a bit if you’re a higher level in Playtika Rewards (I get 1.2 percent earnback on my purchases today). As such, for every $1 you spend you get about 1 Reward Credit, although at bigger purchase levels you sometimes get a bit more. A Reward Credit is generally worth 1 cent in comps at Caesars properties.

That’s the only way you earn them, and you don’t get Tier Credits, so this is solely an extra bonus as part of playing the game and buying items. As long as your Caesars Rewards account linked, you’ll get credits with every purchase.


There’s a lot going on, but the games tend to be fun and immersive, so if you’re a fan of social slots, you won’t be disappointed with Slotomania.

Do you play Slotomania? Do you like it? Share your experiences in the comments!

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  • How high does you tier level have to be to join a Clan? I have a new account and I’m on level 32 and the Clan icon still hasn’t come up and my profile tells me to level up more.

    • Hi Cheryl! Unfortunately I don’t have an answer for that, and doing a bit of searching couldn’t find one. I’ve had the game for a long time and am at a higher level, so it just popped up at launch.

  • You need to be at least Bronze level, as that is the minimum setting for club joining requirements. hope that helped.

  • Hello, I’m being asked to earn 7000 slotomania club points to complete my daily dash as I don’t want to make a purchase today and it would take hundreds of thousands of games to get there so what to do? to drop?

    • That’s a tough goal Gilles – personally, when games set up scenarios where a purchase is nearly required, I don’t bother with them.

  • Is there a way to see on the app how long I’ve been playing – in other words how long I’ve been a member of Slotomania?

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