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Understanding the Concept of Gaming/Promotional Days

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Written by Joshua

Many casino promotions are time limited. Perhaps you have to pick up a gift in a certain window of time. A point multiplier or a random drawing may happen within certain hours. Sometimes there are all day promotions, and that is where things can get tricky.

In certain cases, such as Caesars Rewards and their daily bonuses, the calculation is tied to the gaming day, also sometimes known as the promotional day.

A gaming day is the 24-hour window a given day is calculated and almost never runs midnight to midnight, acknowledging that many at casinos will stick around past midnight or gamble half way through the night.

So instead of a calendar day cycle, the gaming day cycle is used instead, and for each casino it may vary. For instance, at Caesars properties in Las Vegas, a gaming day is 6 a.m. to 5:59 a.m. local time the next morning – any play in that 24 hour window is calculated together to determine if a daily bonus was earned. This is similarly maintained in Atlantic City.

However, other Caesars properties have different gaming day timeframes, even within the same state. For instance, Laughlin has a gaming day that starts and ends earlier than Las Vegas.

Why does this matter? When the calculation for specific perks or multipliers is based on the gaming day, it can be wise to know when these windows start/end so you do not begin chasing a bonus or a multiplier when the chances for it have already elapsed, or at the other extreme may not start until mid-morning.

Caesars tends to be the casino company that leans on this concept the most, so some have taken to maintaining Gaming Day charts. An incomplete, but helpful, one lives at Seven Stars Insider.

But if you are ever unsure or are looking to tackle a promotion that leans on the concept of a gaming day, you can also check at the players card desk, as they should have that information.

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