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URComped: Unlock New Experiences Through Casino Comps

Royal Caribbean ships in Cozumel Mexico
Written by Joshua

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I’ve shared a variety of ways to leverage your existing play to gain additional benefits, such as teaser offers and tier matches. But hands down one of the best experiences I’ve had leveraging existing offers is working with the great team at URComped. Earlier this year I got to take my first ever cruise thanks to them, and I’ve just booked my second.

Today we’ll talk about how URComped works, and what you’ll need to provide them to make it happen.

Getting Started

URComped works like many other casino programs – based on your play history, you unlock offers. While URComped started off by working with many land-based casinos, their primary focus has shifted to the cruise industry. Some of the experiences around Royal Caribbean and their casino program I’ve previously shared is a direct result of my working with URComped on that cruise.

To start, you register with them and give them your basic information. The next step is to upload offers. Since URComped has no casino history on you, they will evaluate your expected play based on offers you receive from casinos. The best offers to share with them are:

  • Free cruise offers from land-based casinos: If you’re receiving cruise offers from land-based casinos, you’re already achieving a play level solid enough to warrant those casinos making an offer, and those offers can be leveraged to unlock more.
  • High freeplay offers: If you’re receiving generous freeplay offers from land-based casinos (in a day, not over weeks or a month, but a single daily offer), you again have likely proven to be a solid level player and can likely qualify for something.

What You Can Get

Uploading your best offers will help URComped understand your potential, and you can then unlock offers from a variety of cruise lines, which is one of URComped’s strongest selling points – the offers are not locked to just one cruise line. Many of the certificates offered by land base casinos are restricted to certain ships and sailings, and generally through a single cruise line. URComped opens the door to a variety of options through multiple lines.

Depending on the level of offers you’re getting from the casinos, you could qualify for either a discounted or complimentary cabin for your first URComped excursion. When booking through URComped you can qualify for extra perks, such as free drinks in the casino on your first cruise with a cruise line.

Once you complete a cruise, URComped will have data on you, and can then make offers more customized to your level of play. They can also book your free and discount cruises earned while on board, so they’re able to basically make everything happen on your behalf. For instance, I earned my PRIME cruise on my last trip, and they were able to book my next cruise using that earned offer.

With that play history, if you want to give another cruise line a try, they already have an idea of what you can bring to the table, which makes it even easier for them to negotiate an offer for another cruise line. Each cruise line also will ultimately get a direct history of your play, and make offers accordingly based on their programs, but if you’re looking to go somewhere your existing relationship doesn’t offer, or just want to try a different company, URComped can help you there as well.

They’ve got a very friendly, knowledgeable team and they regularly do live streams answering questions from those who are still getting to know how they work.

Their relationships with cruise lines unlocks a different sort of casino trip for those looking to travel but also still wanting access to casinos, like are available on cruise lines. As such, URComped can be a great way to dip your toe in if you’re new to cruising, while leveraging your existing casino offers as a way to get your foot in the door if you have no history with any cruise lines.

Have you used URComped to book a cruise? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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