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Vegas Comp Strategy: Layering Your Bookings

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Written by Joshua

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If you’ve been to Las Vegas and played enough, you probably have way more offers than you can reasonably use on a normal trip. There’s multiple big players on the strip, there’s downtown and off strip, and there’s even multiple offers within a big player’s list of options for you.

Some Las Vegas regulars have taken the most advantage of these offers by layering their reservations and room bookings so they are many times double booked for parts or all of their stay. The biggest advantage for doing this is when you’re going to be bouncing around an area, playing at multiple properties, and wanting to take advantage of free play and food offerings connected to a hotel stay offer.

Mlife, Caesars and mychoice all do offers in Vegas that tie together hotel bookings, free play and food. Skip the room booking and you generally lose the other components. This is the same for other properties, such as Oyo off strip. Wynn traditionally ties it all together as well, although I’ve come across players who get offers that don’t require a stay.

There are others who don’t necessarily tie things together, something I’ve noticed is more common off the strip, such as downtown. But many properties in Las Vegas want to incorporate a stay because they figure if you stay in the room you’ll gamble more.

This is likely true for anyone’s home base, but the flip side of the coin is the double booking.

Of course, comps are based on prior play, so if you book a room, take advantage of the offers, and then play well below your average, your offers could evaporate. This may not matter if you have more offers than you can utilize on a linear basis, because you still have plenty to tap outside of it. But if you’re going to put in the play, and/or play at your existing level, you won’t lose out on anything but will gain additional perks.

My strategy usually is to line things up so I have a place where I can eat as close to free as possible, since outside of actual travel that’s the easiest expenditure to drive down. I’m not one to eat out at fancy places often, especially if I’m flying solo, but usually the food part is generous enough in offers to cover what I need.

Mlife has been most consistently generous in their offer packages on that note, but I’ve booked at places like Oyo to leverage my offers there too, and recently MyChoice has been upping their offers to me, which just further opens up the options. And by saving through these offers, I’m able to put more of my trip budget to gambling anyway.

Of course, if you aren’t able to leverage comps, or haven’t been to Las Vegas, make sure you never pay full price – you can book discounted hotel rooms through or other websites – to ensure you still get a good deal.

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