Fly LINQ: Zip Line in the Heart of the Las Vegas Strip

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Written by Joshua

Las Vegas has a wide variety of activities to do outside just gambling and eating, and one newer example that has opened on the Las Vegas strip is Fly LINQ, located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip over the LINQ Promenade.

The zip line is about 1,100 feet long, launches from 12 stories up and goes up to 35 miles per hour. As I had never done a zip line before prior to Fly LINQ, I was pleased to have the opportunity to do it as part of a Vegas trip near the end of 2019.

If you have a fear of heights, this can be a challenging experience, but if you’re a fan of things like roller coasters, this may look more intimidating than it is. I was very nervous until they released the lines, and we slowly sped up, and I realize that it was much, much easier than I thought it would be. The speed is slower than even many kid roller coasters, and the moment I got over that I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

You depart from near the strip and head towards the High Roller, which makes for a pretty cool view as you zoom down the line. You could choose from a sitting position or a superman position – I chose sitting as it was my first time. There are weight limits, but most people will find they qualify. I’m not a small guy and I was well within the limits.

I ordered my tickets for Fly LINQ on, where discounts are routinely available. Caesars Rewards players will qualify for earning credits for their purchase, and discounts may be available for them as well.

This is certainly not the longest or fastest zipline – the superman zipline at SlotZilla in downtown Las Vegas is about 50 percent longer, for instance – but this is still a fun experience if you’re on the strip and looking for something fun and exciting to do. It’s relatively quick, even counting the training/liability forms/getting suited up, so you can fit it in around other activities as well.

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