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Wynn Slots Further Devalues Room Comps

Wynn Slots room night limits
Written by Joshua

I only just wrote about another recent change recently around room booking restrictions and VIP point earning cutbacks, but another change has hit the app. This time, the number of nights each level can book has been adjusted.

Previously, if you were at a level where rooms could be booked, you could book up to four nights, and if you were a higher VIP level, you’d get a discount on the bookings vs. a lower level that could book. Now, your VIP level also determines how many nights you can book:

  • VIP 3 can book two consecutive nights
  • VIP 4 can book three consecutive nights
  • VIP 5 can book four consecutive nights

Combined with the changes to VIP point earning, you have to spend between $180 and $200 to get to VIP 3 and be able to book two nights at a time. VIP 4 would take $380 to $400 to book three nights at a time. VIP 5 would take more than $700 to book four nights at a time.

Some have done the math to say that you could book four nights at the Wynn for a similar price without needing to grind Wynn Slots. This is true, but if you can get more than one booking in from the money spent, it may still be a cost savings. If you can book two nights twice at VIP 3, you’re down to $50/night, about the cost of the resort fee at many properties.

But this continues to simply make the game less enticing for those playing for comps. Buffets remain accessible at VIP 1, and you can achieve VIP 1 for little to no money, so it remains a value relative to buying full price at the buffet directly, but the game is quickly wearing out its welcome for many players, who are tired of punishing devaluations after putting in a good faith effort to earn comps under earlier rules.

It’s hard to recommend new players start to play this game right now, since there’s no guarantee you’ll get much of anything anymore. It’s such a shame that in less than a year, when this site was founded, until now, the game has basically destroyed nearly all of its value.

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    • Some updates are simply new game updates – they haven’t done any major changes in awhile but there hasn’t been a hotel to book against either. I think we’ll be seeing the real impact in a couple of weeks as Wynn gets back up and running.

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