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A New Route: Live! Casino Offers Work at All Casinos

Live! Casino Hotel Maryland
Written by Joshua

I’ve had plenty of players become disappointed when they realize the casino they’re traveling to will not honor an offer, because it’s only valid at the casino they played at. It can be frustrating to visit another casino under the same ownership and have to start from scratch.

Certainly, some of the major chains may extend an offer for you to visit another market you’ve never visited, and effectively give you a one-off offer until you establish a history there. Plenty of players have taken a visit to Beau Rivage for the first time under that sort of thing.

But the common scenario that offers are restricted to a specific casino or market is pretty entrenched as a whole. So that made what I got from the Live! Casino group, whose Maryland location I’ve visited a few times now, caught my eye.

Since my February visit I’ve been getting a steady free play offer as a baseline. Some days have presented bonus offers that lay atop the base offer. Starting in August, my base offer (which continued to hold from July) appears to now be valid at any Live! location, whether Maryland or the two in Pennsylvania. (Special offers, which tend to layer on top of the baseline offers on specific dates, show a Maryland only notation.)

Live! had seemed to be to be pretty aggressive with their offers as it was, but this is a really creative way to encourage visitation to their newer Pennsylvania properties. Their Philadelphia location is a lot closer to me, but since I had reason to be in Maryland for a couple of previous events, their Maryland location is the only one to date I’ve visited.

This would definitely encourage me to visit Philly (a city I’ve been meaning to get back to at some point to visit as an adult), and is a wise move on their part. While some other casinos have some creative ways of encouraging visits at sister properties (more on that soon), this takes it a step further by encouraging me to really play at whatever of their locations I wish, and still have my offers. Well done.

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