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Slot Machine Themes with Frequent Wheel Action

Quick Spin Super Charged 7s Classic by Ainsworth 4x wheel spin complete
Written by Joshua

There’s something about a wheel on a slot machine. The excitement, the opportunity, and the fun of seeing that wheel spinning around can get many excited about slot machines with them.

This article will not be an exhaustive list of every game with a wheel, but will share some that can give you some frequent wheel action, including a couple of points you may not know about some game series!

Quick Spin by Ainsworth

Quick Spin by Ainsworth $200 on 50 cents

The Quick Spin series by Ainsworth has grown over the years, but it remains one of the most consistently fun series of games with a wheel.

Last fall, when I visited Ainsworth’s complex in Las Vegas, I learned that the Quick Spin series is designed to deliver a wheel spin once every 56 wagers, on average. This is across all the games in the series, so you know when you sit down at Quick Spin, the name is really apt.

Whether you’re playing the classics like Super Charged 7s, their versions with progressives or the newer higher denomination versions, you know the wheel remains front and center with a good chance of getting at least one while you’re playing. The fact that many versions let you multiply the wheel values add some additional excitement.

Wheel of Fortune by IGT

Wheel of Fortune Mystery Link by IGT top wheel

This is of course the one that comes to mind for most, but the Wheel of Fortune series is quite a diverse one by this point. The classic 3-reel mechanical reel versions tend to deliver wheels pretty often, while some of the more modern video ones can vary in how often they deliver a wheel, and what the wheel’s role in the game can be.

The game series has reached its 25th anniversary this year, and shows no signs of slowing down in popularity, so the good news is these games will continue to feature prominently on the casino floor for years to come, in a variety of different themes and formats.

Super Sky Wheel by Incredible Technologies

Super Sky Wheel is a format that attaches to a number of popular Incredible Technologies themes, such as Money Roll and Crazy Money. Their big top panel shows a prominent wheel for spinning relatively frequently for credit prizes, progressives and games.

Incredible Technologies actually uses the wheel mechanic on a lot of their games, and with many of their games being lower volatility, both the wheels and prizes tend to come out relatively frequently.

Other Games with Wheels

Jinse Dao by Scientific Games wheel feature orb variability

There’s a variety of other games that feature wheels. Here’s a few examples from the library of games we’ve written about on the site over the past couple of years:

  • Jinse Dao series: The wheel determines what sort of bonus you’re going to get, or perhaps you’ll win a progressive.
  • Farmville: The wheel bonus is one that’s available on this game.
  • Ultimate Wheel Blast: The wheels come into play in the bonus for a variety of different scenarios to keep things interesting.
  • Quick Hit Super Wheel series: The wheel is used for multipliers, bonus selection, prize growth and so on, depending on the version and bonus triggered.
  • Wicked Wheel series: Despite the issue some have with a predetermined progressive pick on the games, the game features a fun wheel that gets upgraded and some additional mischief that can happen when the character moves the wheel to a better space. Everi, which developed the series, also has launched Press Your Luck, which has a progressive wheel bonus with a similar upgrade potential by the Whammy.

Is there a game with a wheel that is missing here and you’re fond of playing? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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